You want the tools, motivation and excitement to eat the way you know you need to? You’re in the right place. By the end of this program you'll be able to move forward with zero stress about nutrition….. forever. Your good nutrition habits won't cause you stress, strain or frustration, it won't make you count, track or worry about it. You can stop searching for the next fad diet or cure. (Yes. Forever.)

Can I be super forward and honest? Because this program teaches you the basics and you learn to listen to your own body for food guidance, you move forward with a life changing tool: all the power yourself. No more searching if you put in the effort required. Change Makers solves all your nutrition worry (and some life stuff, too!) After 6 months of dedicating yourself to the education and changes, you can seriously relax.

Clear nutrition off your plate of worries so you can focus on other things in life.... you know: the little things like a powerful new side of yourself you've uncovered, a new fitness love you've gained, or that hobby-turning-business you've been dreaming of. (These are real things that changed for real people in Change Makers!)

Are these the kind of things you've either thought to yourself or heard yourself say out loud?

"I'm too busy and it’s too stressful to eat well."

"I guess this is just how my body is, and always will be."

"Oh well, no one else has time for this health-thing either, so why should I make time?"

“I’ve always eaten this way, and I’m alive and I’m doing okay.”

Or perhaps you’ve just gotten complacent and feel like better time management, getting to the root of your food cravings and digestive problems are a should do, but not a MUST DO. Simply put, you aren’t taking action. Let me help you change that. Easily.

I went from enjoying food but obsessing about it, and now I’m back to enjoying food and relaxing about it. (Raina’s) coaching skills are amazing. It’s not just a food change makers, it’s a whole life changing experience.

-Laura, Summerland BC

So, which excuse are YOU?

tgv (45 of 57).jpg
  1. I don’t have time to eat healthy because I’m too busy in all of the other parts of my life - job, kids, family, financial matters, health issues, etc.

  2. I’m too stressed and overwhelmed to deal with one more thing in my life right now.

  3. I don’t want to be on a diet or restrictive eating plan.

  4. My spouse/family enables my poor eating habits and it would be too hard to get them on board, so why bother?

  5. Eating healthy is too expensive.

And so on. Let’s be honest with each other, which of the above excuses have you given to yourself and others?

Why do we struggle with our health & nutrition so much?

Because it's work. We all know we have to make using food as fuel and nourishment one of our top priorities. So, when it isn't, we feel it. Guilt sets in, and the vicious physical and emotional cycle goes on. When we don’t prioritize nutrition we lose energy, digestive power and tend to gain weight. I coach Change Makers to EASILY make nutrition a priority again, and how to get back on the wagon over and over again in the future so you can consistently stay on track.

Pro insight: Lack of planning is the main reason we struggle and end up with feelings of failure in our health & nutrition goals. Take the stress out of planning and embrace the feeling of success.

Statistics that need to change.

In 2017, Lutz Nutrition conducted a survey of fans, followers and clients. Here’s what was found:

  • 40% struggle to make time for healthy food to be a priority

  • 40% struggle with the ‘discipline’ to eat well

  • 10% deal with sugar or other cravings

  • 10% struggle with digestive issues

These findings were so profound to us that it motivated the creation of the Change Makers program - WHERE EXCUSES ARE REPLACED BY ACTION.

This *comprehensive 6-month program* is for those who are really ready for BIG change.

It's for self-starters who are fed up with their own eating habits, stress, excuses and inner dialogue.

It’s the Change Makers’ mission to change this dialogue - one eater at a time.

Focusing on one thing at a time was ideal, and the personal emails/support that addressed my individual needs. Raina is a rockstar, her passion and excitement for what she does is contagious!

                                                                                                                                       - Jane Goldie, Vernon BC



How much better could things be? Welcome to YOUR journey.

Good news, you have the power to create change. YES, YOU DO! Imagine a life without the constant nagging of your frustration about not changing your habits.

The lightness and simplicity of a life where you don’t have to constantly worry about food or feel guilty about it. No more sitting around, wasting time wondering why you don't feel better. You can get on with life, you’ll have more freedom and space in your brain for other projects, fun or relaxation time!

Your stress about eating well zips down to ZERO because you know what you're doing and you're actively working on it. Some days, you won't even think about it at all. It come more naturally, and will be your “new normal” to have less complaints & no more lethargy.

With healthier food and an organized mind, you’ll have found your power center where your body is cleaner, your digestive system functions smoother, your liver is stronger and mentally, you have better coping mechanisms.

It will happen if you put in the time. It will happen if you are dedicated to making change and are tired of your own excuses.  All because you took the time to put yourself first, and implement the changes yourself. As a coach, I look forward to helping you see this through for yourself. Let me help push you (likely a touch out of your comfort zone) to where you know you need to get to.

Pro Insight: You must be open to learning and embracing a more empowered life for success with this. If you're going to be part of the program, you must be a self-starter, ready to take leaps (that may feel a little scary at times), and be open to new perspectives!

Holistic Nutrition - the truly transformative approach you've been looking for.

Change Makers does not make you count calories, portions or ‘go on a diet’. It is holistic and looks at the WHOLE person: your body, your health history, your digestive issues and sensitivities, your thoughts, your stress levels, your career, your family life, and so much more. I won’t lie, we dig deep. 

That's why we're called Change Makers.

Has this course changed my life?.... my way of thinking? A solid yes.  I can honestly say your program did exactly what it was supposed to do.

                                                                                                                                         -Tegre B, Kelowna BC

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘teamwork’.

Here’s what I want for you, Change Maker: To balance your body and symptoms using nourishing foods while maintaining balance, to learn to read your body and be more conscious of your choices, to be ready and willing to do the work and continue showing up.


Who I am: Raina Dawn, a rule-breaking intuitive. I can piece together what your body craves in regards to nutrition, but I also get that making changes is hard.

We are allowed to give ourselves permission to find balance in this uncertain place. I'm here to help you have realizations and shifts that lead to that real, long lasting change. I’m a pro at cutting through the ‘stuff’ in the way so we can get to the root cause and move you forward faster.

As a trained Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) with 7 years coaching and consulting experience, I specialize in creating unique, custom-tailored nutrition plans, simplifying nutrition + guiding you in making the mental and emotional connections that make real transformation accessible and possible.

My experience working with Raina has allowed me to create space within my relationship to food.

My energy is better, my body feels better and I’ve dropped a size! I’m grateful every day to have Raina on my health team!

                                                                                                                   -Roxanne Gordon, NM

What you get when YOU become a Change Maker:

✓ Within 7-10 days of joining, you receive your personalized nutrition plan based on your body right now (value $299)

✓ Videos + training with thought-provoking education and tips (value $699)

✓ Cognitive coaching and mindfulness work (value $299)

✓ Twice per month through the program you get new content/homework modules - to spur on change from within! (value $499)

✓ Once per month you get a one-on-one coaching call with Raina to continue forward progress with your personalized nutrition plan (value $900)


Private Facebook group to connect with other Change Makers who are in the same space as you makin’ change, you have the option of joining the online community to share recipes with, inspire and support each other. (value = priceless!)

GAME CHANGER BONUS: Email + What's App (text) access with Raina - 2 contacts between your coaching call. 


(Psst...you won’t even pay half of that!)

Experience the ultimate deep dive into nutritional coaching and self-exploration working one-on-one with Raina Lutz, RHN.

(The September intake is currently in action!) Space is limited for the January 7, 2019 intake of Change Makers.

Doors open January 1, 2019. Buy Now. Payment plans available.

Raina’s a rare gem in the health & wellness world. Stick with her, and your whole life will change.

                                                                                                                           -Erika Lyremark, Seattle WA