Okanagan Sourdough Starter


Okanagan Sourdough Starter


Traditionally fermented breads are digest easier + better. Give your gut a break from the refined flour breads and make your own sourdough hot cross or dinner buns or beautiful breads. Eat your own breads from an incredibly happy + healthy sourdough STARTER that has been inoculated with yeasts from all over Canada... and most recently Okanagan-flavoured yeasts. “Terroir” = fancy.

Would make a beautiful gift too - foodie love all wrapped up in a mason jar!

Recipe + feeding instructions included. Pick up in Penticton or Kelowna.

Why true Sourdough?
Most bread isn't true bread anymore. Our 'staff of life' is driven by centralized corporations seeking increased productivity and cheaper more plentiful food with little to no health benefits for the consumer. There are ways to cut corners, to “puff” up bread to sell people air, preserve it with loads of chemicals & sugar and ship it great distances. Make a statement and make your own!

The fermentation process pre-baking increases the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from the bread. As the dough ferments, it produces enzymes that break down phytic acid. Phytic acid can lead to gas in those with IBS and can inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

If you’re trying to control your blood sugar, sourdough is a better option than store bought fast-fermented breads. Research shows sourdough has higher levels of resistant starch than other breads, especially when whole grains are used. Blood sugar levels will spike less because it takes the body longer to digest the carbohydrates.

Let’s get baking!

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