What is Overdrive?

You’ve got the mindset to make nutrition changes easy. Now all you need is the hands-on tools. Overdrive is all the fundamentals you need to put your nutrition knowledge into action that requires the in-depth one time investment with a Holistic Nutritionist to set you up for success in your journey to a natural, whole foods diet.

Think you don’t have enough time for healthy nutrition? Overdrive gives you all the tools, skills & requirements for making it easy. Get a nutritionist in your kitchen, pantry and head.

3 months.

3 months with a nutrition coach. Email education, texting and one-to-one coaching calls. Raina will get hands-on with you with in person coaching, fridge/pantry tweaks and grocery store journeys. You’ll have a nutritionist at your fingertips for questions as they come up.

Raina will hold your hand when needed, push you when needed and get to the root of your issue so you can stop wasting time with worry or concerning yourself that you don’t have the knowledge to eat well. We’ll find ways to make it so easy for you that after your investment in Overdrive it’s all smooth sailing.

What do I get in Overdrive?

Personalized Nutrition plan (value $399)

Personalized Pinterest board with your goals + recipes (value $35)

2 hour Grocery Store Journey (value $350)

1 Pantry Tweak session (value $350)

1 Fridge Tweak session (value $350)

Weekly in-person coaching for 3 months (value $1800)

3 months “Nutritionist-in-your-hand” Texting (value $240)

Total Overdrive Value = $3524

Think you don’t have enough time for healthy nutrition? Overdrive gives you all the tools, skills & requirements for making it easy. Get a nutritionist in your kitchen, pantry and at your fingertips.

What will it be like when I’m done Overdrive?

You’ll have the tools + 100% confidence to eat well, easily and repeatedly.

You’ll have the basic skills you need for the kitchen to make delicious, simple, healthy food.

You won’t have the stress anymore along the likes of “I don’t have time to make healthy food.”

You’ll be proud of your pantry, fridge and kitchen and want to spend more time there.

You’ll get the accountability you need to feel secure and balanced about your nutrition choices.

You’ll have control, ease and excitement to nourish your body through natural nutrition.



Value of program is over $3500.

3 months dedicated, one to one nutrition coaching package you’ll only pay $2999.

Payment plans available on request.

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This exclusive program is only available to two clients in the fall of 2019. There are only 2 spots in the Overdrive program and we will be starting promptly on October 1.

Not sure about it? Book a free 20 minute consult to talk to Raina about Overdrive working for you.

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Meet Raina, your Overdrive Leader.

Raina has a deep passion for the local, organic food movement but also understands balance and the need - the requirement - for simplicity in our busy lives today.

Obsessed with helping others especially in the realm of whole foods nutrition, Raina’s food philosophy includes balance, sustainability, unprocessed, traditionally prepared food and a new level of self-awareness.

She believes deeply that the way to make any healthy change become a new habit is a new level of consciousness and awareness.

Having been through much change herself, she can both appreciate the tenderness required for healing, coming from a loving place of supporting you through that as well as the motivation (and coaching) needed to move through it efficiently.

She’s been called a “healer” and a “rock star.”

She’s been said to “sprinkle love-filled tie-dye magic over any problems that may arise, like a psychedelic social worker.”

Raina really, truly wants to help her clients’ get to the core of their problems the fastest way possible.

She’ll dose out exactly the “medicine” you need to help you move through them as streamlined as possible.

Raina is self-proclaimed “bossy, but loving.”

Take the risk,

Drink the wellness Kool-aid.

You won’t be disappointed.

If you think Overdrive is right for you and you need the tools and accountability to get to the next level of wellness, Talk to her.