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(come on baby) LIGHT MY FIRE.

What is it: Light My Fire is not a gimmick or weight loss scheme, it's a platform for education, support and motivation.

What's the value: It simplifies nutrition for weight loss, period.

Who's helping: Led by Raina, take the plunge into this 4-day-dive into the world of transformation and a taste of the magic that happens working with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who truly cares about your well-being.

With a little help from the times of old, a dash of traditions and a sprinkling of awareness you will TRANSFORM. (Yes, in only 4 days!) All it takes is a shift in perspective... and sometimes a little fire! 

The Holistic Approach Fits any Lifestyle

Holistic Nutrition is for those searching for optimal health. It's the transformative approach you've been looking for.
It's about going back in time, before we had processed food, plastic-everything, and drive-thru dinners. The movement with healthy holistic foods is not a trend, it's a re-education back to natural living, and a de-education away from the suffering that we have taken on from the diet & beauty industries.

Light My Fire gives you

  • A simplified education of the foundations of sustainable weight loss from a holistic perspective

  • Support for your overall wellness & education on key factors crucial to healthy weight (instead of covering up the problem with yet another diet)

  • A chance to do weight loss YOUR way so you can stop with the unhealthy obsession around food + start feeling GOOD again using mindfulness

Does This Sound Like YOU? You want to... 

  • Stop the "diet" mindset and get off the never-ending diets for good (everyone knows they don’t work!)

  • Lose weight and make time for your nutrition so you can eat the way you know you need to

  • Feel better the natural way (using food) rather than another pill, shake or fake food meant to trick your body into weight loss

  • Stop feeling the deep guilt, burden, disappointment, shame and prison of the mental war with food

I'll show you the simplest ways to take action + stop the constant worrying about nutrition, food and weight.

This 4 day FREE training is for you if your ready for a coach and a taste of a transformed life filled with good vibes, simple nutrition and superb health.... 

I'm your girl. Together, we will breakthrough bad habits, master holistic nutrition and make healthy living a priority.  We'll take action. 

What To Expect When You Join Light My Fire!

Day 1 "Start Me Up"

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What is holistic nutrition and what to eat for weight loss. Answering the question “Should I go on a diet?” and how to disengage from the constant temptation to keep trying new fad quick fixes. Education on the BEST foods for your weight loss goals.

Day 2: “Whiskey in the Jar”

Fermentation foundations education + which fermented foods aid weight loss and why? Plus, how to make the easiest fermented foods and what brand/where to buy the best quality ones. All you need to know about the gut/weight connection distilled down into easy-to-understand bites.

Day 3: "Gimme 3 Steps"

3 weight loss keys: liver, exercise, blood sugars. Education on loving your liver for a weight loss-jump start & incorporating these foods easily. Healthy snacking and components of a healthy diet. No awkward finger-wagging lectures here, just a gentle reminder about the importance of exercise. Where can we re-route to get to progress? Where have you been holding back or lacking motivation? You already know it's part of weight loss, so let's make it enjoyable and do-able. Learn the biggest reason people gain weight and how to get off the blood sugar roller coaster so you can balance your sugars easily, supporting weight loss (and more stable moods, to boot!)

Day 4: "The Sound of Silence"

Powerful mindful eating tools for weight loss, curbing stress eating + accelerated digestion. This is our "Across the Universe" day with flower-crown adorned magic AND science-based visualization tools to help you reach your goals faster. It's dressed up cute, but at the core it's science. Dig? Participate in the Sound of Silence while deepening your digestive powers, calming the nervous system and aiding weight loss. 

Bonus private discussion invite for you: a solid exit strategy for you to master your own nutrition.

One more Bonus: "What is and What Should Never Be" is the dig on nutrition: the good rules; the bad rules, the rules we've decided to break! How to simplify nutrition so you stop stressing about it all

Your fire has been lit baby. Now go eat well, live well, feel well. It can be that simple. Join us so I can show you how.

KICK START Your Transformation.

What you get when you join Light My Fire:

✓ 4 days of educational e-mails, videos + training with thought-provoking & easily-implementable tools (value $400+)

✓ A private Facebook group to offer deeper support to you! (priceless!)


(Psst..... because I so badly want to light you up, Light My Fire this November 2019 is being offered as a FREE training)


Hesitation & Doubt... It Keeps You Stuck.

Is your mind filled with struggles, excuses and hesitation?

That's okay! You are NOT alone. We all face these doom & glooms. Using food as fuel and nourishment as one of our top priorities in life can seem like a real big, intimidating challenge!  That is why I am here to help you.  Maybe you are thinking....  why should I invest time & energy in a program with Lutz Nutrition?

Because I know the drill! I've been coaching people just like you for over 8 years, and I've seen, heard and helped with it all. The problem with diets? Everyone knows it - they just don’t work.

You waste a lot of time thinking about losing weight, and not actually doing anything. You waste a LOT of time wishing you felt different, and not actually changing anything.

...you don't think you have time for proper nutrition or weight loss.

...you wish you had the simplest way to eat better so you could stop worrying about it.

....you want to lose weight the natural way without the use of diets, laxatives or expensive quick fixes

...your body is out of balance, and its showing you that by making you feel so tired, which continues your cycle of poor choices because you don't have the energy to make better ones!

...you need more tools, support and education to really make changes happen.

You need a coach. Let me break it down for you....

How Much Time You Waste on (the Wrong Things) in Nutrition

You got me, my graph isn't scientific.

But if it's even half true (and you know it is!) your wasting wayyyy too much time thinking about how you want to lose weight while deep down knowing that you're only clawing for the next quick fix that simply won't last.

Together, we will transform your world so you can actually start doing this. I'll give you real, use-able tools to start acting on your wishes, rather than just sitting around talking about it; so you can get on with your life and stop worrying about calories, weight, carbs and what to eat. Let's get it right this time, shall we?

Experience 4 days of nutritional coaching and self-exploration working with Raina Lutz, RHN: FREE.

The next round starts November 27, 2019.