5 Basic Ways to Stronger Immunity


Your immune system. Our food intake and diet.

Our digestion and our stress levels.

So many connections.

But it comes full circle back to stress for many of us!

What IS our immune system? It's simply the grouping of cells, organs and tissues that network together to protect our body from 'foreign invaders.'

Our 'immunity' being our ability to fight off these invaders: infections or toxins. There is a great deal of evidence from research showing effect's on our immune system, and our immune systems' effects on our overall health.

How balanced is YOUR immune system?

It's not just about getting sick. It's about how well your body functions... do you have many food allergies? Do you have lots of energy throughout the day? Do you take or drugs (from medicine) or eat drugs (pesticides on food?) Do you feel good? The key here is, with everything else I talk about, BALANCE. Read: [Balance is Key: How to Cleanse Your Doors of Perception] So many things in life affect our immune systems, here’s the list of what suppresses our immunity:

Immune suppressants: surgery, antibiotics, stress, travel, low self-esteem, emotional extremes, sugar, alcohol, smog, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, cigarettes, excess vegetable oils, [The Easy Guide to Fats] low protein absorption, aging, excess iron, excess eating, lack of sleep, allergies...

These are choices to completely avoid or at least minimize or if we want to improve our immune system. A balanced attitude, healthy lifestyle habits and the following keys will support your immune system...

Top 5 Immune Supporters: 

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  • Healthy digestive function

  • Exercise and yoga

  • Clean whole foods/chemical-free diet and home, clean water, plants and herbs

  • Proper balanced intake of vitamins, minerals

  • Love, laughing, meditation, positive attitudes, relaxation, happiness....

How many suppressing situations do you have? and how many supporting?

For me, stress is the biggest one in the suppressors. Food, water, digestive function, music & love are my best supporters, and I'm still working on all the others.

We are all a work in progress.

Excess stress hormones put your immune system on a break so you can focus on the issue at hand. Problem is, there is rarely an actual issue in front of me that causes me to need the stress hormones to run or fight. It's our stress, our stories that our mind creates, our worries, our anxiety of the future or sadness from the past that keeps us down. Down = slower functioning immunity. You've heard this before, the caveman mentality of the lion in front of us, except its actually just a stack of paper on our desk, no real true threat at all. But our body still thinks it is.

What can we do?

We can examine our life and our choices. We can figure out if our stress is real, or fake worry. We can take steps, small steps, to begin treating ourselves better. We can begin to work on the above 5 immune supporters and find small, easy ways to get them into our life. Constant reminders, it takes constant reminders to take care of ourselves and figure out what is stressing us out.

....Then deal with it.

Pro Insight: Foods to support your immune system to eat today include...

Whole grains like brown rice

Raw, unpasteurized fermented foods

Green vegetables like kale, spinach, chard

Wild fish like salmon

Nuts & Seeds like almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds



In a world of fast-paced, sugar-laden, deep-fried, drive-thru, processed foods... these simple foods could be considered therapeutic. They could be considered super foods. But they are simply real, whole foods!

I teach whole foods nutrition. It's not a magic pill, it's something we have to want, to work for, to take time to do and to respect ourselves enough to do it. It's education and it's preparation and it's time. But it's do-able.

What can you do today to support, not suppress your immune system?

If you're needing nutritional support or know how to eat but aren't doing it..... let's gab.