Why Your Pain Isn’t ‘Just Going Away’

The Body heals the body. We just need to find the root cause.

Potions, pills do not actually heal the body.


Neither do drinks.

Not vitamin waters.

Not tinctures.

Not creams.

Not smoothies.

Not any magic bullets...

Our body needs proper food to function. Its our fuel and source of energy. We need it to maintain life and energy.

But at the end of the day, it's not the food we eat, the drinks/smoothies we drink, the creams and tinctures we give our body, its our body that has to deal with what we are giving it. Its the body that decides whether we heal properly or not.

We need to find the root cause of symptoms in order to get off the hamster wheel & luggage of supplements, always looking for the next quick fix.

When you have a cold.

When you have the flu. When your aching and slow and sore and stuffy...

What heals you?

Tylenol? Benadryl? Buckley's? Chicken soup? Those are TOOLS the body can use. But the body heals itself. With time, immunity, strength and wisdom. The immune system works hard to heal you, even when you're resting.

The root cause is never the "part that hurts." It's something deeper.

The 'part that hurts' is a symptom of the root cause.


When we are ill, a number of treatment options are available to us. The two primary medical philosophies in North America are allopathic (conventional) medicine, and natural medicine (also known as holistic medicine, or complementary and alternative medicine). The conventional system focuses on "disease management," whereas the older, natural system focuses on treating the root cause(s) of disease in order to reestablish health.

Let's play. Let's entertain the idea (or think of your actual pain) that we have a digestive issue that will not go away.

You are having digestive issues. At first it's not very noticeable, but it gets worse. How come it’s not just ‘going away?’

At first we take an over-the-counter to help the pain - our gut, esophagus or stomach pain. In holistic terms we think of so many options - perhaps the pain is due to low enzymes, not being able to break down our food properly, stress giving us the inability to digest, too much sugar or water with meals, our method of eating, potential allergies, slow/over-worked liver, constipation, certain medications .... there are many potential root causes for pains other than the organ or part that is causing issues that a holistic view will take into account. So maybe our over-the-counter helps for a while, and then our symptoms get worse. We finally go to the doctor.

In conventional medicine, medicine will be given such as ulcer medication or for acid-reflux. If the problem persists, the conventional system does not have a plan to move forward - unless surgery is required.

After that, there is not much more that system can do for you. This is where we get stuck, lost, frustrated and our issues can snowball. We can turn our eye to another way if we choose. Often, clients come to me as a last resort, having tried many other ways before. This is not to say that the conventional medical system always causes us to get stuck, lost and frustrated, conventional medicine has its place and we need it. What would we do without antibiotics for our infections or surgeries for our broken bones? Conventional medicine is so vital for acute care. "Alternative" medicine/holistic works as a perfect support and compliment beside it, as prevention and to build the foundation of a healthy body.

Find the root cause / Allow the body to heal

The philosophy of the holistic system holds the idea that a weakened immune system (and/or along with other weakened bodily systems) is the reason foreign invaders can thrive, producing symptoms and diseases.

One thing we are not taught is that the real doctor is already within us.... the amazing wisdom of the body.

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This is the main difference between the two systems. 

The philosophy of natural medicine is that given the right conditions, the body can heal itself.

The goal of natural medicine is to figure out why systems have weakened and then give them tools to aid in balancing them. In natural medicine and holistic nutrition, prevention is always considered the first priority. Our place is in educating people about proper diet and other lifestyle choices that affect health.

Speaking of cures, only the body cures. Not drugs, not diet, not herbs, or anything else. These work to re-arrange things, support or boost systems. But it is the innate wisdom of the body and proper flowing energy that moves through the body that produces a cure. That doesn’t mean we can’t help the body along to faster healing, all it means is there is no magic bullet.

Bring balance

Healing will almost always occur when bodily systems are brought back into harmony with each other and pathogens are dealt with properly (toxin-free methods).

The root cause of a symptom or disease is often a combination of factors and optimum health is regained when multiple treatment protocols are followed. By making more natural living choices, you are also following a natural healing philosophy because they are intertwined.


We need to find the root cause of our symptoms in order to get off the hamster wheel & luggage of supplements, always looking for the next quick fix. There is no quick fix. Read [7 Steps to Get Out of Supplement Addiction]

There is investment of time and resources in order to start making sustainable changes.

There is habit-changing, an inner looking that is needed, and the motivation to make it better, teamed with your willingness to try a new perspective.

Are you Ready?

The same way we can give our body tools to heal faster, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist can give you tools to move forward and upgrade your nutrition, with a nutrition plan created just for you. Ready for a transformation? Shoot me an email so we can chit-chat.