Craft Your Own Amazing Cream Cheese (Easy!)

Fresh bread or bagels with cream cheese spell a classic morning.  Borscht finishes a perfect cozy autumn evening.  But what about all those weird stabilizers and preservatives in the store bought cream cheese?  Go traditional and craft your own amazing cheese yogurt spread with just a good quality yogurt, some simple ingredients and a touch of patience. 

Don't want to read? See a video of this recipe here or click the photo to the right.

Here’s what you do.....

Ingredients -

 √ High quality yogurt  (I like Saugeen Country, find a thicker yogurt that has the least amount of ingredients: ideally with an ingredient list of simply whole milk, bacterial cultures)

 √ black pepper, sea salt, fresh herbs to taste (Rosemary, basil or thyme is great!)

Equipment -

 √ cheese cloth and a very clean tea towel
√ colander
 √ big wide glass jar or glass bowl


Directions -
Line colander with a couple layers of cheesecloth.
Place colander over of the glass jar or bowl.
Gently pour yogurt into the lined colander.
Cover with a clean tea towel to keep flies out.
Let drain for a few hours, or overnight refrigerated.

You’re done! Enjoy wherever you’d indulge in cream cheese and use it as a base for a delicious party dip!

The liquid that drains out is called “whey”, use this for a probiotic boost in your smoothie that day, in other fermentation adventures, or in place of water in cooking.  It is relatively flavorless with a hint of yogurt!  Yogurt cheese, also called “Labneh” is high in protein and calcium, and when topped with a drizzle of olive oil is a true delight!