WARNING: Working with Nutritionists May Cause Increased Health


Nutritional consultations are the core of my work with my clients. Nutritional consultations are one-to-one meetings or phone calls where I learn about you, so I can create you the perfect personalized nutrition plan based on exactly where you are at in your life right now.

What is the process of a nutrition consultation?

Each consultant does their meetings a bit differently, but how mine work is by booking with me as a client by contacting me, we book a date that works for both of us for a phone call or meeting in Penticton or Kelowna, BC.

We'll go through your intake forms so I can learn all about you. Your health history, any medications you are on, your daily schedule, how many meals you eat per day and what your typical meals look like, what your goals are. I learn a LOT about you so I can make the best nutrition package possible.

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Once our meeting is over, we'll talk about what your plan is going to look like and how its going to help you. Within 5 days you'll receive your plan via email. Anywhere from 6-12 pages, your nutrition package will outline in detail what is happening in your body now, connections I see between symptoms, choices, history, etc and then a crisp, clean outline of dietary, supplementary and lifestyle recommendations for you to get to work on.

Client Responsibility

Formal: There is a contract you will sign when we enter into our client-nutritionist relationship together.

Informal: Working with a nutritionist gives you a new view on your choices, feelings and foods. We can help you get to the next level in your nutrition and life, what we call upgrading or 'up-leveling!' This takes a certain amount of ‘need’ to really do the work to make the changes you know you need. I can give you tools, but ultimately it’s up to you.

Here’s some reason to spark your journey:

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Your perception of nutrition will be changed.

Your thinking will be changed.

Taking more responsibility and action (a key to success!) will become your new norm.

Making excuses will no longer be your norm.

Reaching your goals will be so close you can taste it. (Literally.)

Are you ready for all that?

Now that you’ve received your warning, you may be inspired to start doing the work to make the changes you know you need. You’ll be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, improved digestion, weight loss + increased overall wellness.

(If you are ready, book here & contact me! If you need help putting the package into action or have been stressing about nutrition for wayyy too long, perhaps Change Makers is the right fit for you.)