What Motivates Me To Prioritize Health (If It Feels Good, Do It)

Continuously prioritizing your self-care and nutrition is a work in progress. But I’m always talking about balance [7 Powerful Nutrition Foundations] and that comes in handy at those times when you’re super motivated to ‘do better’ but then, you know, life gets in the way. Balance keeps us from sliding into the guilt trap about not doing good enough. We all want to do better.

But I’m not perfect, either. So I’ll tell you how it tends to go for me, and how I actively work to prevent my ‘default’ setting of letting things slide.

Here’s my process.


Something comes up that I know I can deal with nutritionally. (For you maybe it’s weight gain or a new digestive symptom.)

Action step? I’ll notice it and then put it on the back burner. I do that as a default, which I believe most of us do as humans + procrastinators, which is one reason I wrote [5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Life Plate Clean] because putting things on the back burner is not the responsible action! But my default is to put things on the back burner, without realizing the burner was on high.

I fool myself unconsciously as I remember the old adage, “a watched kettle never boils” so I think “Well, I’ll just not look at it right away…..” and maybe it will just go away on its own. [Why Your Pain isn’t Just ‘Going Away’]

……but then it boils over.

The lesson being, if you don’t deal with your “stuff” - it pops up over and over again for you to look at , or your symptoms get worse and worse. They spiral. They domino affect other areas in your body. They start to dominate other areas of your life. The symptoms go from a whisper to a yelling. Your body needs your help. Listen to it.

Keep the burners on low by keeping your stress in check. [7 Reasons You Need Floating in Your Life] What feels good? Taking care of business. Keeping your plate clean and organized. Doing what your body requests. That will get you feeling good again. I’m all about the teaching that our body is in charge, it’s authority. The body will never ask for harm. It only reaches for the next good thing. Anything else is our mind taking over. The more healthy food we prioritize to eat, the more the body will ask for more healthy food. (It’s as simple as that - trust me.)

Don’t put health issues on the back burner. Love yourself more than that.

What motivates me to prioritize health is remembering this very simple concept and sentence first: if I don’t deal with this now, how is it going to affect my near and far future?

Secondly, if it feels good. Do it.

And so I go…..

Just start with small steps, but make the steps. They’ll feel good. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so I do my best to always deal with issues before they boil over. I’d love to encourage you to do the same.

It’ll be the smartest thing you ever did.