The 3 Things You NEED if You're Sick

Feeling under the weather? Even when we eat very well, occasionally we fall victim to the drag of getting sick. It's all good because there's a lesson in there - its teaching us to relax harder!

The first thing to recognize is that it is time to rest, and that's okay.

Once we settle into that zone of relaxation, and we've got a few helpers for our immunity, we can get better FASTER than normal. As we'll be feeding our immune system while we rest.  (If we are pretending we aren't sick, or taking medicine to push through and still eating junk food/sugar, we will likely be sick much longer than we could be as white sugar slows the action of your immune power, eating or drinking 100 grams of sugar (about 2 cans of soda) can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by forty percent.)

The second thing we do is to head to the nearest heath food store. Or - ask someone to do it for us!

You'll be wanting to pick up a few things.

The 3 things you need are items to support your belly, items to support your body and items to support your soul as you work through this sickness. Pick any or all of these from the list below to support you.

1) For the Belly  - Food & Drinks

- probiotics  (from foods like kimchi, it really opens up the sinuses! Raw sauerkraut and pickles would be great too, or a traditionally brewed, unpasteurized kombucha.) If you already take a probiotic supplement, you can increase your dosage during times of illness (just ask the health store staff, although taking higher-doses of probiotics is generally safe. When trying new supplements its always ideal to talk to your doctor.)


-green foods (kale, spinach, chards, collard greens) to sauté and eat with fresh lemon juice and raw garlic (eating less when you're sick is a good idea, to allow the body the chance to focus on healing rather than digestion, so eating really light like soups and warm greens is ideal.)

- fruit/vegetables (oranges, lemons for tea and bananas & raspberries for smoothies are my favourite - I like this recipe because she starts out her post by saying "Green smoothies get a lot of attention for "detox" or "cleanse" purposes, but I offer this recipe simply because it's delicious." I love this.

-fresh ginger root for tea or echinacea, ginger or chamomile tea

-soup (if you don't want to make your own soup, find a broth or canned soup with the lowest sugar content)

-raw honey (for sore throat and sweetening your lemon tea)

2) For the Body - Natures' Healers

- oil of oregano (theres usually a decent brand on sale, and if you can catch your cold with Oil of Oregano while its still a sore throat you just may scare it off!)

photos (7 of 25).jpg

-zinc or echinacea lozenges (if you have a cough or sore throat)

-Vitamin C (a lot of people like Redoxin or EmergenC)

3) For the Soul - Fun & Relax

- a clean & comfy blanket, good movies/documentaries

- a good book

-access to steam or hot bath

Pro Insight: Avoid sympathy treats like ice cream, jello or milkshakes while in bed resting. Sugar truly hampers our immune system's abilities, slowing down our healing time.

You can read more about the things that slowed DOWN your immunity in the first place here, such as stress, alcohol, lack of sleep and much more. All this good stuff we bought is for HELPING our body, we don't want to hurt our progress by slowing down our immunity after we boosted it.

Poor body.


The only rule is to RELAX! This is your time to learn the art of relaxation and do all that stuff you *should* have sprinkled throughout the last couple of weeks where you burned yourself out instead!

Read that book, read that blog, watch that movie, put that album on, pet the animals, take long baths, meditate, write......

and ENJOY. (Take the time for yourself!) It may seem controversial to say we should enjoy being sick... but we can take the time to catch up with ourselves. What else could we do? As a friend once said "Just call in sick - hop in bed - no biggie!"

Please like this post if it helps you, and share your favourite things to do when you're sick! Unfortunately it's not something we can avoid forever, so share your favourite tips or regimes' for those bedridden days below... I'd love to hear them! (If you're getting frequent colds and want to up your immunity BIG TIME using nutrition - talk to me, babe.