A Surprising Weight Loss Strategy

.... I'm revealing it! I am sharing this with you today in hopes that you not only see how rushed our experience of food is, but that you begin incorporating this into your life. This calming technique is SO important for getting your weight back to a healthy one.


It basically hits a “reset” button for your digestive system and gives you super powers. No exaggeration. Eating well and slow is so powerful.

Our culture is so rushed. Not only does it wreck our foodie experience, its harmful for our body!

I wanted to share this secret with you to help you with your love of food. There is a lot of work to be done when we are trying to get our body into balance and back to a healthy weight, but this is one big component of that work.

In a nutshell, the audio above:

"I'm not going to tell you what to eat or not eat. I'm going to talk to you about a powerful tool for discovery about your body - mindful eating. All of my clients get this powerful technique when they work with me.

Nutrition = Information overload. It gets very complicated.

Frustration has made food less enjoyable for people. We are trained to not enjoy food any more because it makes us feel guilty. Nutrition then becomes a problem as food is no longer pleasurable.

Nutrition is a great platform for change.


But constant change (choosing different diets) leads to distrust of self.

What message are you sending your body about trusting what it wants when we constantly listen to external authorities? It is frustrating and takes away our power. If you're always changing what is the right diet for you, when will it come the time to listen to what your body wants?

When we are constantly in stress, our body shuts down our digestive system. A key to weight loss, a tool is mindful eating. Same benefits as meditation, and apply to the time we eat, too.

I'm not giving you another set of rules, but a key to freedom so you don't have guilt about food choices anymore. It makes eating natural again and is a transformative way of seeing eating. Read: [Why You Don’t Need Willpower]

Cheese platter at the party - then an hour after the party, your stomach hurts + you feel awful. You remember cheese doesn't make you feel good. At the next party, the cheese comes out again and you have a choice. When you're mindful, you have the awareness to say 'no' to the cheese (applying your insight from the last experience) 


Willpower goes beyond saying no, there has to be a conscious decision to want to change the problem

Mindfulness comes into play in each of these situations that play over and over again.

The art of eating is about slowing down, being aware and being conscious.

Enjoy each bite, chew, relax.

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