Vintage Living [50 Ways to Get Healthy + Happy]


The more you know, the crazier you look. After all, it may look crazy to an observer; some of the choices that Holistic Nutritionists' make. But that's us. We can't help ourselves!

All craziness aside, I’m happier than ever. I've been obsessed with (read: studying) the sounds and culture of the 60's for over a decade. And when I headed to the hippie capital of the 1960’s (Kitsilano BC) to study holistic nutrition my life became drenched in alternative ways. The whole message of the 'back to the land' natural foods movement (which started in the '60s) really fit the bill (and my record collection) and I began to truly experience that "vintage vibe!" 

I approached my transition to a natural lifestyle with a hungry spirit.... and I'm still enjoying the journey and growth! Changing your diet is about taking responsibility but its also about having fun, striving for balance and of course paying tribute to those before us who paved the way for the 'alternative' life style as well as the natural foods movement. After all, the NY Times thinks that "The Hippies Have Won" and who am I to argue? All that's new is old again. Here's how far my journey has come with tons of links with education to inspire you as well!


  1. I remove toxic chlorine and fluoride from my tap water (for drinking and cooking) with a Berkey Filter.

  2. I increased my stomach acid and stopped my stomach pain through holistic nutrition, mindful eating and discovering my food allergies

  3. I use unrefined sea salt instead of processed, mineral-stripped salt

  4. I eat raw fermented foods daily, like kombucha, sauerkraut, miso, dilly pickles and raw cheeses.

  5. I don't drink cow's milk anymore.

  6. I am obsessed with whole foods. And not the “package tells you its healthy” foods. But real, actual food.

  7. I use ghee, coconut oil and good old butter for cooking fats/oils. Read: [Easy Guide to Fats]

  8. There is always fresh fruit ready to eat. In the summer, I have it more: at breakfast and for snacks all day.

  9. I drink lemon, cucumber and raspberry water (with the real things, not flavoured juices!)

  10. I don't have white flour in the house anymore. Coconut flour or oat flour work great!

  11. I love not paying attention to calories (never, ever, ever) Read: [Consciousness Over Calories]

  12. I stay far away from canola oil. Here's why.

  13. I sprinkle flax seeds, hemp seeds or pumpkin seeds on my food. Some people call this 'bird food' ... we call it food.

  14. Farm fresh eggs for a nutrient boost. The whole egg, yolks and all. Read: [Why You Should Pay $6 for Organic Eggs]

  15. I drink green tea a lot. A LOT.

  16. Wherever I’m staying, [nomad life] I like to eat super simple. Even if this means I only eat one (seasonal) fruit for breakfast.

  17. I use unrefined salt and know that it is not bad for me to do so.

  18. I love to eat my veggies, just like momma always said!

  19. I don't eat fast food. I prefer it slow.

  20. If I feel a cold coming on I use natural tinctures, eat raw garlic & ginger tea and fresh fruit to fend it off!

  21. I finish my dinners with a healthy digestive-focused tea like peppermint, chamomile/lavender, or herbal blend.

  22. I like but don't often drink (and don't need) coffee

  23. I could live on beans, brown rice and veggies. Oh, and a little nutritional yeast dressing never hurt either.


Personal Care

24.  I use a washable pad to prevent all the waste from tampons + pads 
25. I only wash my face in the evening. Washing in the morning wipes off the natural oils our amazing body makes for us. Thanks for the powerful skin care tip, Nikki.
26. I buy my friends' natural tooth care.
27. I use lavender balm on sore spots instead of antibacterial creams.
28. I occasionally use coconut oil in water to soak my cold or tired feet, then dry + wrap them in socks
29. I let my hair do it's own thing when it comes to style!
30. I try to dry brush before showering.
31. When I shave, I use soap instead of unnecessary, expensive shaving creams (and believe strongly that women have the right to shave wherever they want or not!)
32. I add epsom salts for magnesium into my baths when I can't get into the float tank.
33. I’ve switched to non-toxic makeup for when I want to play dress up (here is my go-to in the Okanagan)
34. I don’t use synthetic perfume, I use essential oils or (my favourite: Flower Child Hair & Body Mist) by Om Organics. Here's why.
35. I don't use deodorant every day anymore, and purchase natural deodorant for occasional use that is non-toxic. Here's why.
36. I wash my hair with natural castille soap 1x a week. No conditioner needed as the natural oils form to keep my scalp healthy.



 37. I wake up naturally or use a gentle alarm to wake up rested, instead of panicked from a noisy alarm.
38. I do at least 10-15 minutes of yoga each morning.
39. I do at least 8 minutes of meditation each morning.
40. I walk barefoot outside in the spring, summer and fall as much as I can.
41. I choose beautiful art, tapestry, records, books and colors in my wardrobe& space to improve my mood and relax my nervous system. (Relaxation = better digestion.)
42. I use f.lux on my computer to balance melatonin levels with light.
43. Keep cell phones out of the bedroom to cut down on electronics.
44. I’ve stocked my medicine cabinet and kitchen cupboards with beautiful organic natural remedies.
45. I use a salt lamp and healthy plants to improve air quality in my home.
46. I use a ball desk (like this one!) to work my core and improve space in my torso (better functioning digestion) while I'm working.
47. I make trips to the Farmers' Market a part of my week in the spring through the late fall.
48. I’m in the habit of batch cooking healthy meals for the week.
49. I love travel and adventure, no matter how small and have accepted that I need to get camping, lake time, to the Kootenay's and the West Coast (Vancouver leaves a place in your heart) at least once a year each!
50.I'm obsessed with the sounds of the 60's, and spend better parts of my day listening to rock n' roll, blues and psychedelic guitars to turn me into super woman (read: happy + relaxed me.) What music makes you happiest?

I'm all about nodding to the past. The hippies' before us were also turning their noses from the mainstream. Everything in the 1960's was messy, idealistic and full of anything-can-happen feelings. Our journey can be that same way. It doesn't have to be perfect, it's a perfectly bumpy road and a special, natural evolution. Eating whole foods is an alternative to the mainstream way of eating, that is processed foods which are void of nutrients. Take your power back by making these healthier choices - and watch your whole life change. You don’t have to evolve this way overnight. One step at a time.


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