What is Holistic Nutrition? Your Body as a Canvas


Nutrition is art, you can treat your body like a canvas. Get a delicious snack for your ears, and get reading.

Got it going? This post answers the question "WHAT is Holistic Nutrition?"

It's like how the Moody Blues says....

"And the sounds we make together Is the music to the story in your eyes/It's been shining down upon me now I realize"

Your nutrition choices are subtle beats that form and create the music to the story of your life - these choices are at the core of your digestion function, energy levels and your happiness but also, your symptoms.

It runs much deeper than just filling our bellies. Our choices affect the environment, our economy, farmers working around us, our children and the future.... when they say "Vote with your Fork" it is a deep and real truth.

"Listen to the tide slowly turning Wash all our heartaches away/We're part of the fire that is burning/And from the ashes we can build another day"

We often think that we'll find the perfect magic bullet (a burning fire?) to quickly fix our bodies, our hearts, our symptoms, our excess weight.... etc.....but it is not external things that will turn the tide... the fire that is burning is inside us ... in order for us to have a different experience it must fuel us, we must change our perception in order to change our choices from the core.

The "fire" must burn strong enough to help us make new choices in order to create a different experience for ourselves, our health and our life - this goes for everyone. No one is exempt from this struggle. We alone have the power to build another day for ourselves, to step into a new choice.

"But I'm frightened for your children/That the life that we are living is in vain/And the sunshine we've been waiting for Will turn to rain"

We are often scared to think that we deserve more. That we deserve better food, that it could be a higher priority for us, that we deserve to feel great and have lots of energy and do all the things we want to do. That we deserve organic, that we deserve natural food rather than cheap processed foods.


We maybe don't believe that nutrition should take a higher priority, or we feel at a loss for the food that is chosen for us, we feel helpless to make any changes in food security.

We may worry that we'll set high expectations and be crushed when we don't reach them. Seeking that freedom you've been looking for in all the wrong places (like the latest diet trend, etc.) will be how you find the sunshine we've all been waiting for... when it doesn't work (and diets never do) it all turns to rain....

You'll learn to navigate listening to your body so you never need to have internal arguments anymore. You'll find you learn to define success by feeling good, having more energy, a sparkle in your eye, rather than a number on a scale or the numbers of calories in a day. You can play with your nutrition but never feel tightly bound by any diet or 'rules'.

I used to brand myself as a rock n' roll nutritionist. I even had a guitar in my logo. Truth. These are values are some that I've kept kickin' around since that branding... and I've elaborated on some of my favourite quotes and what they have to do with our food movement....

Summer 2016 - 2nd Batch - 20.JPG

"Don't let other people influence you."

Tabloids, health magazines, billboards, TV commercials - all that stuff is trying to sell you is low self-esteem that keeps you buying, 'cuz you'll never look like the girl on the cover (she's not even real!) When you learn to listen to your body you really get true freedom and have no use for others' opinions anymore on what suits you. It saves you mental energy when you stop allowing their messages in. You just listen to you.

"Screw the man."

Everything from our food production, to processing, to selling and even eating has been taken over and is no longer in control of the people. Learn easy ways [like simple foods to grow yourself] to take a serious stand against the big guys, and feel good about it for your body, too. Ban together with friends to share home-grown food, prepare food together, go to homemade dinners/potlucks, eat out less. All big game-changers, and serious stands against the food "system" we are born into a part of.

"We are the weirdos, Mister."

DO NOT let anyone make you feel bad for the new changes that you make or the foods you decide you eat. This includes serious counter-culture-good food like kombucha, brown rice, liver or sprouts, but it also includes whatever cheesy/chocolatey goodness you want to treat yourself with while you're with friends. You eat what YOU want, and you don't need to explain it away or apologize to anyone for it.

"Rock is restless and rude. It's defiant and daring."

You get to make changes as your body changes and create your own rules. You can ask so many questions because the answers are always changing. You can defy answers if they don't apply to you at that time. It gives you so much freedom. Give yourself permission to be restless in nutrition, to change, to experiment, to play. After all, where would music be without the experimental play of the '60's? Music is art. Your body is art - so allow "play."

"If I'm free - it's because I'm always runnin'"

Nutrition as a science is constantly changing, monthly - daily, we are always discovering new things and the 'big guys' are always changing their minds. It's frustrating and confusing, I know. Learning your body with the general, basic nutrition foundation gives you the freedom to escape the constant drain of trying to 'keep up' with the ever-changing landscape of time, and just feel good instead. Learn the basics and you're free to run, baby.

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Customize your nutrition so its fully you. Where's your will to be weird? You don't fit into a box, and your nutrition doesn't have to either - you don't need to label your nutrition because it should evolve and change as you change and grow. Grow as a person nutritionally, mentally, emotionally and continually develop yourself as you take personal responsibility for your own deep transformation.

Looking inward and making changes with that authority beat external fads, diets and choices - every time. As a coach I empower my clients to make better choices, take action and actually eat clean - the way you know you want to.