5 Easy Ways to Weight Loss

Weight loss is way too stressful of an issue for us today. We feel overwhelmed: there is too much to learn, too much advice from others, too many weight loss diets. Too many calories, too many exercises. Too much.

I like to simplify things.

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I like to approach weight loss in a different way. I tend to learn toward “Intuitive Eating”, which is training your body to learn to take the lead and be the authority when it comes to your nutrition, with mindful eating as the foundation. The body knows what it wants to eat to feel good, and when we feel good and eat right, the weight falls off.

I have seen it many times.

No need for complicated systems, pills-that-make-promises or any other drastic measures.

What I also love about this is it's all about YOU. It's about your body. Each experience in teaching this skill to others is unique.

I’ve had personal experience with losing weight using real food [Read: How I Got Happy & Lost 40 Lbs & the Cycle You Need to Understand] and I’ve helped my many clients near and far to lose weight too. Sometimes it takes months and sometimes it takes years– an important key to remember is that you don't put weight on overnight, and so you can't expect the body to lose it overnight, either.

Holistic Nutrition is more than just food. It's also psychological, emotional, mental, lifestyle..... the whole person. So you're not going to get a list of the top 5 foods I recommend for weight loss. [You can Grab That Here!]

I just recommend whole foods.... [5 Reasons You Need Whole Foods]

Here are my top 5 tips for how to get there (the most common sense way possible!)

1. Know why you want to lose weight.

It sounds cliché, but its true: its much easier to reach a goal when you’ve got a clear indication of why you want to get there. Do you want to lose weight so you’ll have more energy and feel good? Or because you want to want to be able to exercise more with your family or children? Is it the Doctors' orders, solely for your health?

Just aiming for a number isn’t a goal. It’s an idea. Ideas can be great, but goals based on your feelings are more obtainable. If a feeling gets you to your destination of more energy/more exercise/more health, you are much more likely to follow that feeling – rather than trying to reach a number. Know your emotional motivation. Is the feeling "strength"? Or maybe "support" or for most that I've worked with, its' "freedom." Have your emotions behind you rather than against you. Knowing your emotional motivation can help you lose the weight faster.

2. Stop with the junk food.

Easier said than done? I know, been there. But the truth is that once you start eating better, your body no longer needs junk food. We have cravings because our body is trying to tell us something. Once we start tuning into our body and its needs, we can start pinpointing cravings. If we have balanced blood sugar we won’t crave sweets or carbs. If we get enough minerals and vitamins, we won’t crave cheese or bread, or other specific foods.  Once we learn to feed our body properly, the need for physically unfulfilling foods goes away, and we can focus on other things. Like exercise .... having fun.... and feeling awesome. Eating junk food can throw our intestinal bacterial balance off, setting the intestines up for hosting more bad bacteria, leading to a state of inflammation, an overworked liver and weight that just won't go. Eating real foods helps you lose the weight faster.

3. Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed; take 1 day at a time.

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It’s so common to just give up after a week when you are trying to introduce a new way of life. It’s so classic. “I’ll change my life! Tomorrow, I’m only eating fruits and vegetables, throwing away all the cookies in the pantry and hitting the gym. I’ll look so good and lose weight quickly!” ........ and then after a day.... or two...... its’ back to the same ol’, same ol’.

It probably took a lot of time to put that weight on, remember. It wasn't overnight. Don’t ever expect that a new supplement or natural weight loss product will get weight off fast. The real sustainable way to lose weight is to slowly change your diet to real food, exercise and take care of the body via exercise and nurturing your liver. Making those sustainable changes give you a slower weight loss (and slower weight loss means less stretch marks) as well as a much bigger chance of keeping the weight off. It just makes better sense.

4. Deal with your emotional baggage.

I know...... that’s often not fun to deal with. And it’s not always easy. You’ve been carrying it around for a while and its been weighing you down. Yes, it has literally been weighing you down. A big part of weight loss is the psychological aspect. In Holistic Nutrition we deal with the whole person – body, mind and spirit. So say you are carrying around some extra weight in your midsection.  You know that you hold your stress in your tummy, so much so that your tummy hurts often after eating (you were eating while stressed.) So much so that maybe it has been sitting there for years – even during and after times when you did exercise and eat well. It boils down to the point where it doesn’t matter how good you eat – you must deal with the root of the stress before the body can release into weight loss. Its a big deal to start working on 'yourself', but it can really boost you forward in your weight loss journey. It won’t be easy at first, but making the decision to jump in with it starts the forward movement. Using dietary modification as a form of radical self-development can help you lose the weight faster.

5. Eat FOOD, not food products.

The best tip for weight loss is just to eat real food. We are bombarded by non-food. We are surrounded by stimulants, packaged “products”, fast food, fried food, micro-waved food,  travel food..... so many different things that we can put in our body but that do not actually truly nourish our body. Sure, it puts calories in and makes us feel satisfied temporarily. But nothing beats the true energy that your mind and body can feel that comes from eating real food. Real foods/whole foods are further explained in this post.

Like everything else in life, weight loss can be an enjoyable experience. But most of us need support and tools to manage it, so that's why I created Change Makers to help with the huge transition. It can help you create and feel the weight loss experience that you’ve always dreamed of! Fuel your life and your body in a traditional way - with true food and nourishment.

If you've been thinking "I'm tired of feeling like I've tried everything!" for too long, you need to learn to nourish your body the way generations have before us. Real food: to nourish the body and get the excess weight gone so you can get back to having a monumental good time! Get the accountability you know you need, and have a good time losing weight.

Did this article help you? Feel free to comment below and add to the topic! And, if you are really ready for change, I can help you. Talk to me, babe.