Read This if You’ve Thought “I'm Too Busy to Eat Well"

So many of my clients say during our initial consultation. That's what so many people truly believe.

That they are JUST too busy to eat well. I want you to get your perspective changed, because its easier than you think. And, if you believe you’re too busy to do anything, it’ll be truth. But you can change truth. You really can.


You might read the title of this blog and think "oh yes - that's me! I have that thought all the time!" but at the same time, believe it's not possible for this problem to be solved at all. 

It takes work and time to eat better

Or maybe you really don't want to admit it's an issue (the first step to healing is to admit that you have an issue....) but guess what? You're not alone.

Your Journey.

Maybe you've dealt with these frustrations for a long time.

"I'm too busy to eat well"

"This is just how my body is"


"Oh well, no one else has time for this health-thing either" are things you've thought or even heard yourself say.

Or perhaps you have gotten comfortable and feel like solving your prioritizing, food cravings, time management or digestive problems is a could but not a must.  Let's think about this....

What is possible for you now that you didn't think was possible for you before?


Maybe you've tried to make it happen and failed. Now you're resigned.

"Oh well - it's just not something I can't do or change about myself". Now you are really resigned!

Think about other areas of your life where you accomplished something you didn't believe you could. Was it because of a magic pill or food?

Probably not. You probably put a fair amount of care, time, energy and dedication into achieving 'the thing' and were amazed when you reached your goal!

How proud were you?

Maybe you believe that these prioritizing, food cravings, time management or digestive problems just aren't possible to solve or, at least not for you. 

Many of my clients come to me because I'm their last resort. They've often tried everything else.

Everything except what works - which is finding the root cause, stop with the band-aids and quick fixes, and really do the work.  Put the time in.

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It takes drive and dedication to find health.

But it is possible. 

Holistic Nutrition is the transformative approach you've been waiting for.

It goes deeper than just what food goes in. It looks at the WHOLE person. Your body, your history, your allergies, your thoughts, your stress levels, your career, and so much more. We dig deep. You’ll never hop on band wagon trend diets ever again, and you’ll trust your own body instead of marketers or corporations to feed you. You’ll lose the nutrition stress and feel calm and relaxed about fueling yourself.

You're likely to think something like the following .... "Okay, this is possible in general but I don't think it will work for me specifically because I've already tried everything/I'm used to my habits/ I've gotten used to my digestive system/I don't need to have time for food prep/it's not really that big of a deal." Let's break these down…

"I've already tried everything.."

No, you haven't if you haven't worked with a Holistic Nutritionist! Specifically, me! I don't just recommend a huge lifestyle change and send you on your way, we go deep but only one step at a time and at your pace. If you haven't worked with me on your time management, prioritizing or digestive issues, then you're missing out on a huge side of what I'm good at: coaching! Holistic Nutrition works deeper than cover-up pills, laxatives, teas, quick fixes or drive-thru's to fix all your problems. It looks at the deeper issues and works with you to create therapeutic suggestions that will get you thinking about your choices, your body and your life differently.

"I'm used to my habits."

.... is what is said by people who love excuses and do not care to improve themselves. I only work with ladies who are really ready. It is well-known that new habits can be created in over 21 days. (In 6 months together? Plenty of time to actually change your life!)

"I'm used to my digestive system/weight/ailment"

Basically, what you're saying is that you're accepting a dysfunctional system within yourself. That's not very fair to your body. Would you have that thought at work? What about applying that to your home life? Is your job or home in complete disarray? No, you likely take the care to do well in these areas of your life. Digestive systems that are gassy, bloated or painful are not functional. I accept clients who are really, really ready and accepting things and 'just dealing with it' and chugging along in pain (instead of dealing with the pain) isn't how we roll. Stepping up, taking responsibility and getting to the core of the issue so it never comes back to haunt you again. Let's dig in.

"I don't need to have time for food prep"

So many of our bad habits stem from one issue: lack of planning. Lack of planning is the main reason we fail at our nutrition goals. Get a mindset change around this so you can start MAKING time for your main goals in life. Here's a great starter kit for your journey to trying on food planning and see if it fits for you. Not only does it make your life wayyyy easier, it saves you money, too!

"It's not a big deal."

Well, if you truly didn't care about fixing the problem, you wouldn't still be reading this...

Reasons you need to eat better...
(As if you need more)

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  • Our nutrition determines our body's cells. Healthy food is healthy cells and we feel better, live longer and prevent many nutrition-related conditions.

  • Changing the food system by supporting farmers, products, retail outlets that provide us with better health & nutrient - dense food.

  • The liver is a huge organ that plays a vital role. When overloaded with toxins & waste, it creates poor circulation to the heart & digestive systems.

  • The liver is our filtering organ, many believe that most of the major illnesses of our time are due to overburdened livers.

  • If our gallbladder or liver are under functioning, it interferes with our absorption of essential fatty acids and metabolizing of vitamins A, D, E & K.

  • Vitamins A, D, E & K are essential for the health of our vision, immune system and deficiencies are linked to cancer.

Balanced nutrition is the easiest way to be sure you’re getting proper nutrition to fuel your brain and feel your best! 

So Why Do We Struggle So Much?

Because it's work. We have to make food be a priority. When it isn't, we feel it. I want you to figure out how to make it priority in your life. I also want you to become your own nutrition guru, so you stop down the rabbit hole of obsessively wondering if something is good for you or not and learn to trust your own body based on how you are feeling. That can lead to a shame spiral if we eat it after deciding it's "bad"! Spirals lead to overeating and other damaging habits. Mindfulness can help.

How Much Better Could Things Be?

You have the power to create change! Imagine a life without the constant nagging of your own self- doubt and frustration around not changing your habits. No more planning your days & nights around what you "have to eat" or "should only eat" in order to feel okay. No more sitting around, wasting time wondering why we don't feel better.


You will stress incredibly less about your body and nutrition because you know what you're doing and you're actively working on it. Some days, you won't even think about it at all. It will be natural. It will be normal to feel amazing. All because you took the time to care, and make the changes yourself. [Check out Change Makers.]

Optimize Your Nutrition.

Eat more Whole Foods here. Cut down/out on the refined sugar, junk food, drive-through's.

Increase your digestive powers here.

Tools for time management and food prep here. Grounding practices that UP-LEVEL your motivation to continue to eat well.

As a trained Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I specialize in creating a unique, tailored nutrition plan for you and in helping you see the mental connections that make transformation accessible. Work with me.