The Real Truth About Cleanses

Trying on a new diet is like trying on a new pair of jeans. You feel different.

Are these "the ONE?" you think? And if they are, you are lucky. But they won't last the rest of your life. You outgrow, outshape, or fall out of love with them.


We for whatever reason have this innate need to find "the ONE" diet.

That one thing. One thing that will cure us, keep us in good health, taste good, be easy, be affordable, be practical, be delicious and work for our body long term. This magic potion or poppable pill.

The problem is, it doesn't exist. We like to have think we found "the one thing" and obsess about it until a few months later we move on to the next thing. Disposable.

Your nutrition should be highly specialized so you aren’t ever put into a box – your nutrition should change as you change & grow.

And deep down inside, we know that. We know it doesn't exist

But traditional whole foods are still here. They are still available, they are still accessible. They are true, natural and sustainable.

What we need is a diet that adapts to us throughout our life. We don't belong in a box of carbs, proteins, and fats. We don't belong in a box of grains, meat, dairy, vegetables.

An adapting diet is what our ancestors did. They ate the same healthy, real, un-processed foods but with modifications for pregnancy, breast feeding, warriors or seniors. It makes sense to have a diet that flexes as you age and change, rather than trying to flex yourself to one diet you think your body wants.

There is a lot more common sense to therapeutic cleanses than we are led to believe. Humans have been fasting or purifying their bodies (and minds) since the beginning of time. Even before we had all the chemicals in our lives that we do today - in our food, liquids, products, mattresses, the environment.... we were trying to purge our body of...... something. Even before it was just for physical reasons, we were doing it.

Trying to clean, trying to rest, purging.

This trend with intense quick "cleanses" has been going on for decades. Back to the 70's. The Master Cleanse (lemonade diet - lemon juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup) is one of the most well-known in the natural health world. Originally designed as a natural ulcer treatment, the Master Cleanse is most known now as a weight loss and vitality/energy upper. Somehow what happened is that we got caught up in a place of healing where the lines blurred between "vitality" and "weight loss" and of course in our 'thin is beauty' society now, we lost our healing view.

Now we only view cleanses as a means for weight loss.

It should NOT be the goal. If it happens - its a side benefit - but should not be the ultimate goal or reason for the cleanse. Getting carried away and having too long of a cleanse can lead to an imbalance too. Short term and listening to the body are key here.

The truth about cleanses is that we feel like we need cleanses to help get rid of all the built-up toxins that we have gathered over the last season - spring and fall are the best time to cleanse (makes sense - winter/Christmas and summer parties surround these times!) Or we innately feel ready for one in preparation for a big move (cleansing the home) a relationship change (cleansing relationships) or a new job (cleansing life choices.)

There are a few different cleanses out there, some are helpful and some can be harmful.

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Juice only (or water only!) cleanses are one of the most controversial topics in nutrition.

The best part about nutrition (and what makes Holistic Nutrition SO special) is that each suggestion or recommendation of food is tailored specifically for that person.

The truth about cleanses is that "food only" cleanses are always safe - lowering our toxin intake and aiding digestion - they are for our health + vitality, not for a weight-loss end goal. But when we do intense cleanses for that quick boost, that magic bullet - well those super-fast reboots just rarely make you feel good. You can actually deprive yourself of basic dietary needs that help you function at your peak, causing your body to push back hard after you exit starvation mode. Most people don't have enough formal education on digestion and the body to be able to ease themselves properly into a cleanse and exit themselves safely from a cleanse.

We also can start playing games with ourselves, which can make cleanses even less healthy. "Well I can eat whatever I want this week because next week I'm starting my cleanse." Thoughts, actions and games like these that we play in our minds can be labeled "disordered eating" which is NOT simple or fun - its stressful.

Will a cleanse solidify a "quick fix mentality" in your mind or are you doing it to treat yourself and your body well? Will you binge after you come off the cleanse?

Many other variables come into play.

Do you have enough support around you for a cleanse? Are you healthy enough for a cleanse?

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Here are 3 tips you need to have in your daily diet or routine to keep your body in "cleanse" mode without stressing it out!

1. Vegetables

Boring, eh? That's what everyone thinks. But vegetables are by far the most underrated portion of meals. They've moved out of the spotlight unfairly as they truly are the John Bonham - backbone - of the band. Errrrr, plate. We've put vegetables on the side or as a condiment when they need to have a bigger role on our plates!! When I'm reviewing my clients' diets, vegetables are usually the first thing I notice that they are not getting enough of. Try to get, at the very least for a starting point, 1 serving of raw and 2-3 servings of steamed or roasted veggies per day and your makin' waves baby!

2. Water

Really! This is just too easy isn't it! We all know the importance of water but often we are NOT drinking enough every day. Our body needs clean water every day to help us filter, clean, detox, function. Fill a bottle and have it throughout the day, or get your first 3-4 cups in first thing in the morning. Don't like the taste of plain, boring old water? Great grandmother never had spa water or fancy flavored water - but spice it up if you really need with cucumber, lemon or fruit - just don't go adding anything that isn't a real food.

3. Awareness of Overeating

Our digestive system is amazing and works wonders without us even knowing. It takes a lot of energy + blood to digest food (think of that post-lunch nap you had last weekend....) and if we regularly overeat, essentially "dumping" extra work into our stomachs - our poor digestive system has a big work load. When we allow time in between meals and snacks to just be "empty" for a bit we are allowing our systems to rest and function on other important things, like our immunity and - you know - making room for the next meal.

So, now it's Spring or Fall time and "everyone else is doing it!" You want to follow in the footsteps of those around you, so you can say "I did it!" Well I have a gentle yet effective cleanse that's only guarantee is to NOT stress you out - and make you feel great. The best part? I don't even have to use the word "cleanse."

Check it out.

We call it - the [RESET]

For folks who are turned off by the whole cleanse thing - the [RESET] is a way to kick start your liver, aid your digestion and increase your energy without the use of any stimulating herbs that will "clean you out" - or expensive box supplements.

It's only food! It feels great. It's easy.

Benefits of a food-only cleanse:

Give our busy systems a rest, support the liver, balance out cravings, improve digestion, increase energy, better sleep, healthy-looking skin, better mood and more*!

*Non-Physical benefits: conscious folks can expect to experience some or all of the following: more peace, calm, clarity, realizations, emotional release, toxic energy release..

Safe cleanses (like my [RESET]) done in a supportive environment can give you the above physical AND mental benefits. You get to eat food (you won't be starving!) and you get to go on living. You won't have to take 10 days off of work for this to sit on the toilet.

It was created by a Holistic Nutritionist (ooh ooh that's me!) who has done it numerous times. I even created a meal plan to go along with it - to make things even EASIER and less stressful on you!

Plus when you get your [RESET] you get an email follow up, which means you are free to contact me once you're done to gab about your experience, and have any questions answered!

Grab up the [RESET] in our shop here.

What you get:

  • [RESET] cleanse instructions

  • 7 days of recipes/meal plan + grocery shopping list

  • Follow up support!

Happy RESET!