Reality Check: There is NO Magic Cure


I believe that the best path to health is in the food we eat. Not in expensive pills, not in expensive boxes.

Not in real food ground up and put in pills.

Not in synthetic vitamins added to our water.


Real food. Real drinks. Traditional foods. Traditional drinks. But... there is this idea that it is the products, pills, oils, foods, (fermented or otherwise) or supplements that can cure us.

Heal us. 

It must be formed in our minds that it is not products or supplements that heals us.

Of course, these products can be healing in themselves and their properties....

of course raw, enzyme rich foods are healing of course healthy, organically grown fresh foods are healing of course raw, fermented foods are healing of course natural herbs are healing

But.... they aren't in themselves.... the cure.

We must set up the body up for success so that it can heal. We are making the choice to give our body the best in order to begin laying the foundation. This goes for the smallest imbalance like the sniffles all the way to cancer or degenerative diseases.

The body only deals with what we give it and we can set it up for success in many different ways.

And the body heals the body.

Plain and simple. No flair. No additions - no explanation needed.

We must remember this.

One 'cure' for someone may be a downfall for others, one powerfully healing food for one may be essentially toxic to another.

The Magic of Kombucha (or is it?)

Kombucha cleanses and helps the liver detox, it helps keep our colon clean and keeps constipation away, but kombucha itself is not the healer - it is a helper, helping the body getting set up for success. Certain (short term) supplements may be useful to the body to get it back into balance, but the body is still doing the work to move itself there.

Our body is always searching for homeostasis, a perfect balance.

In the kombucha world, wild claims fly around. Wild ones. But Kombucha can't cure cancer. 

Kombucha also does not make fingernails grow faster or grey hair turn back to color ... but there is a few different possibilities that might happen that make it look like the magic cure, the magic bullet.

Kombucha could help the body cleanse something toxic that has been lingering in your body.

Kombucha could bring balance to the colon or aid the liver enough to help the body so that you have increased energy levels.... this leads you to be able to exercise more.... that can help you lose weight.


The kombucha helped, but essentially it wasn't the kombucha - it was our body.

All of these benefits combined changes the way you live and changes bodies' tissues.... leading to symptoms in other areas of the body get back into balance.

But we can't point the finger at ONE magic cure.

In reality... the bodies' tissues, cells, blood, lymph (toxin cleaner) are always working no matter what, but depending on what else is going on with us, depends on how well these cleaners and processers are functioning.

It's the difference between being very near a openly sneezy sick person on the crowded bus with 2 of your friends, and only 1 the 3 friends gets sick a few days later. It's not the environment in this situation, its the host.

The hosts' strengths or weakness. We can create a house of strength or a house of weakness.

We can set ourselves up for success and healthy food, balance, a balanced gut, and smart lifestyle choices is a fantastic path there. The choice is yours.

You always have a choice...

Will you allow your body to heal itself, or will you keep searching for the next miracle cure?

Will you trust bodies' wisdom or will you waste energy wondering what cleanse or pill next might 'fix you' ?

Choice is yours... be a forever seeker... or take the high road..

If you are always searching for the next cure, you'll never get the root cause and you'll be spending a ton of money in the process. If you're ready for a true transformation, work with me in the Okanagan.