The Hippies Have Won/THANK YOU NY Times

The New York Times posted an article that has my heart (and soul) soaring.

Read the article here.

"THE NEW YORK FREAKING TIMES, PEOPLE!" is what I yelled when I first laid my eyes on this, yelling to no one in particular.

Why does this mean so much?


When the mainstream accepts that what we are doing, means something?
When they accept that the flag those hippies hoisted ALL THOSE 50 years ago is still being carried? 
When they accept that a natural way of life is welcomed, accepted, "NORMAL" now more than ever?

IMG_2984 (1).jpg

We continue to bring this way of life, this good feeling & health to more and more people, to those who are open, to those who are ready, to those who crave it. Lutz Nutrition has always been set to a back drop of (healthy) mind expansion, natural whole foods and meditating goodness. Oh, and the music, the freaking music. 

So, here it is.... Thank you hippies. We continue your work. Natural foods as a choice & way of life BEGAN with you (and damn, does it look good on you, still!) 
We are the alternative. We are holistic. And we are IN LOVE with what we are doing, what you've created, what we've continued to grow, and that we are changing lives. It is the movement. 

"It's all happening."

In honour of this monumental celebration, here's a curated list of my happiest hippie blogs that will inspire you to take action on the most healthful natural foods diet - whole foods!

We Lost Our Roots: “We're going backwards in time to find them.... we have nostalgia for the simplicity of a time passed.”


The Death & Revival of Real Food: "We are in the System....... and we realize that all those signals our body were giving us before were warning signs, and we didn't listen. The pain, the digestive issues, the weight gain - the diagnosis. That's our barrel overflowing. Let’s bring real food back to life, please. Here's how to take a Stand."

Meet the Okanagan’s Godfather of Organics:It was more about the motivator of clean food (no poisons) rather than making money. Wanted to raise our kids in a less toxic environment. We had no idea it would go in this huge growing direction like it is now.  We were trying to follow our hippie and organic roots. Trying something different. We saw some things that we didn’t think was the right way to go, we had to follow our own path. That led us to organic farming.

Sympathy for the Devil/Awareness & Looking Inward for Change: Most nutritional coaches want you to fight the hell raiser. Overcome him or her, be bigger than the craving, be smarter than the want/need. The truth is, it just usually doesn't work that way in the moment. I want you to work with your hell raiser. Being asked to be bigger and smarter than a craving is like telling your body to shut up. It's trying to communicate something, and you're not listening. How do you find balance between the 'want' to eat fun and the 'need' to eat healthy? Have some sympathy for the devil.”


Nutrition in Art/Your Body is the Canvas:  “Customize your nutrition so its fully you. Where's your will to be weird? You don't fit into a box, and your nutrition doesn't have to either - you don't need to label your nutrition because it should evolve and change as you change and grow. Grow as a person nutritionally, mentally, emotionally and continually develop yourself as you take personal responsibility for your own deep transformation. "Rock is restless and rude. It's defiant and daring" and other quotes I’ve tied to taking a stand in your nutrition choices.”

Fab Fermented Foods: "These aren't new - and were revived in the alternative health circles of the 60s/70s."

I continually strive to learn from yesterday & to live an intentional life that is slow, nostalgic, simple and real. Thanks for joining me.

Peace & Love. . .