That Time I Prescribed Something Powerful


As a Holistic Nutritionist, I work with what I know which is food and how it works for your body.

I'm not legally (morally, ethically, common knowledge-y?) allowed to diagnose or prescribe anything.

But recently talking to a client, I realized something I could ethically and legally prescribe.

Verbal Permission slips.

My clients are amazing, they feel safe to tell me their experiences around food and nutrition, which is very intimate, and I 'hold space' for them as a consultant, which means I coach them in a completely non-judgemental way. Which people LOVE.

I give my clients permission slips to feel certain ways about their food. If they say they are angry at a choice they made, I give them a permission slip to do that.

If they say they "I am feeling angry about _________"

I prescribe them the ability to feel pissed off.

For them? Wow, it's such a huge relief.

You know what I'm going to prescribe to you right now?

Permission. I can give you permission to FEEL THE THINGS.

Let it out.

Get it off your plate.

No judgement, no guilt, no "You should have done this instead" or "You know better" or "Do better next time." But just a VERY REAL acceptance: you made that decision. That it is okay, that you're allowed to feel angry/annoyed at yourself.

Having a coach for your journey with nutrition is hiring someone to listen. Someone to understand. Someone to 'let it all out' to. Someone to learn from and be able to move forward and simplify. Someone to sift through the layers for you and find the root cause, clearing all the 'stuff' out of your way. On my end as your coach, it's someone to both 'hold space' for your issues but also call you out if you need it. It forces me to stay intentionally excited about the food movement, and to keep my education fresh and standards high. To challenge them to pull out of that negative self-talk and get back to feeling good.

It takes away that pressure to always be good, do good, make good choices. (You can make good choices and you can make 'bad' ones, it doesn't make you GOOD or BAD, it's just a choice.) You are human, not a pre-programmed nutrition robot who eats clean 100% of the time. Don't be a robot.


Permission slips are a way for me to allow my clients to feel safe talking to me about what's happening. To get real with their life, their choices and to not feel bad for having negative feelings around food.

It's normal.


You are NOT your food choices.

You are human.

Often we let our anger, frustration or stress get in our WAY of making powerful movements forward, and it prevents us from doing what we know we need to do. It's easy to let our stress numb our ability to move forward. Let me help shift and transform that for you, so you can move forward in nutrition & life with more confidence.

Once you've gotten permission to feel a certain way, you don't have to carry that baggage around anymore, and it frees up space in your head and your mind to be coach-able, to make changes, to start eating the way you know you need to and doing what you truly want for yourself.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I'm not allowed to diagnose or prescribe ANYTHING, but as a rule-breaker, I found a loop hole. Get your permission slip with private coaching in the Change Makers 6-month program.