Cooking with Tempeh [Recipe]

Playing with Vegilante’s Tempeh led to an amazing discovery. “Not your typical meat-replacement” oh no, tempeh is a beautiful fermented food (you know how much we love ferments around here.) Adding tempeh (if your vegan or testing the waters on plant-based diets) to your list of regular meals is a great idea because it’s one of the best proteins available for non-meat-eaters. It’s DELICIOUS!

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5 Truths About Going Vegan

Am I vegan? Well, the short answer is no. Although I get asked weekly if I am.

In the past 5 years I have been asked by a lot of people.....  A LOT.... if I’m vegan or vegetarian…and the answer is (still) no. But that doesn’t mean I eat meat all the time - it just means I don't eat it every day. Here's some truths about 'attempting' or trying vegan...

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My Trade Secret: Why Labeling Your Diet is a Path to Failure

Here's the thing. I don't judge your nutrition... You're opinions are nice and all but.... I’m a real person. I love eating.  (It's preeeettty much why I wanted to study Nutrition!) I'm not judging you on what you eat....and you DON’T have to label your diet or nutrition in order to find success.

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