You Can Eat Fat AND Lose Fat [7 Reasons Why]

You've probably heard that saturated fats really increase your risk of heart disease and raise your cholesterol. You’ve probably heard that fats will put weight on you and they are not good for a healthy diet. Maybe you’ve heard that fats are the ‘devil’ when it comes to losing weight. But is are any of these ‘facts’ true? In a word, no. In fact, humans need fats in their diet and here are my top 7 reasons why… 

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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your (Life) Plate Clean & Stop Stress Eating

You already know how to eat well. You just aren't actually.... doing it. Maybe you’re searching for quick fixes all the time or are dealing with emotional eating. Guess CAN make changes. Make the commitment to STOP searching for the newest fix - and gain the skills needed to eat right and stick with it. Sharing tools for keeping your (life) plate clean and stop stress eating.

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Stress is your Biggest Problem [7 ways to Combat it]

Stress = dropping things, losing your keys, losing your cell phone, forgetting things. Is this you?

This was me for most of 2014 and half of 2015.

Does it have to do with our jobs, our choices? Yes.

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