The 7 Best Foods You NEED This Spring

Start your spring time with these nutrient-packed foods that are coming into season now. The benefits of stocking up on the fruits and veggies that are the first to arrive in your farmers' market are amazing: They’re sold at optimum freshness—having been grown locally rather than shipped from another continent —which means they'll have a higher nutrient content too! Stock up on my 7 go-to picks below to help cleanse up before the heat! 

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5 Reasons you NEED Whole Foods.

When I first started eating a whole foods diet, when I was studying nutrition in Vancouver BC, I heard the term “whole foods” a lot, and that a whole foods diet is very health-promoting. But I felt a little silly that I didn’t know what “whole foods” meant, exactly.

And when I assume (you know what happens when you assume, don't you?) that my clients know this too, I am reminded that, well, no, not always is this the case. So I'm here to explain it.

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Zucchini & Mashed 'Taters [Recipe]

Zucchini Mashed Potatoes... At this time of year we have a lot of vegetables ready all at the same time. Zucchini isn't always the most popular vegetable, so here's a way to get it into your meals without it being the main focus. However it is the best-known summer squash and does have great health benefits: being 95% water means they are great to eat in the summer (why they are available at the perfect time, thank you nature!) and thus are hydrating. For this reason they are also easy to digest and taste delicious......

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