Lose Weight with Stress Relief (The Best Way to Drop Lbs)

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that more stress and stress hormones promote weight gain, would you? Most people don't quite understand the connection other than knowing simply that stress can cause weight gain. But what exactly is stress, and how does it keep you from your weight loss goals? I'll explain in detail, and share with you 20 ways to combat stress....

In fact, there are actually many links between stress hormones and weight.  Today I'll talk about one major reason why stress hormones keep you from your weight loss goals.

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When I'm 64: Nutrition For Aging Seniors

Aging in our society is seen as grief – a loss – a dysfunction.We spend so much money trying to reverse it, or keep it away (and sometimes on creams and potions to “prevent” it before it begins to show.) It is mocked and feared. You can purchase "preventing it"  -  but it is not truly preventable. Aging is something we start "fighting at 30." Learn the psychological aspect of nutrition as told me to me by a 61 year old, as well as nutrition tools for our aging population.

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