Cooking with Tempeh [Recipe]

Playing with Vegilante’s Tempeh led to an amazing discovery. “Not your typical meat-replacement” oh no, tempeh is a beautiful fermented food (you know how much we love ferments around here.) Adding tempeh (if your vegan or testing the waters on plant-based diets) to your list of regular meals is a great idea because it’s one of the best proteins available for non-meat-eaters. It’s DELICIOUS!

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Kombucha: You've Been Drinking it Wrong

For all drinkers of kombucha I have to share that appearing at a table with a tasting flight of Experience Kombucha can be a delightful encounter, and while there is no specific technique for this undertaking there are some interesting ways you can make the process more entrancing for you.

So many people do kombucha tastings as a wine tasting - and I approve. There is never any harm in a sniff, swirl and then share.

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WARNING: Working with Nutritionists May Cause Increased Health

Nutritional consultations are the core of my work with my clients.

Nutritional consultations are one-to-one work that I do, to create you a personalized nutrition plan based on where you are at in your life right now. But signing up to be a client comes with a warning...

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