The Fastest Way to Food Prep

Easy tools to structure your new meal planning idea. It’s not as hard or overwhelming as you think. The benefits of food planning and doing some are so worth the effort. You will save yourself time and money. You will feel less stress. You will eat healthier. Just remember this if you start to feel the resistance (the one that tells you you’d rather watch Netflix).

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That Time my Client Got a Private Photo

When I started getting messages back from people, in response to messages from my account that I knew I did not send, it was a very eerie feeling. Cue Halloween music. One of my favourites stories from this haunting event was a response from one of my (now) clients to one of the photos she was sent. My most successful clients are fun, flexible, responsible, kind, non-judgmental and non-conforming.

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5 Reasons you NEED Whole Foods.

When I first started eating a whole foods diet, when I was studying nutrition in Vancouver BC, I heard the term “whole foods” a lot, and that a whole foods diet is very health-promoting. But I felt a little silly that I didn’t know what “whole foods” meant, exactly.

And when I assume (you know what happens when you assume, don't you?) that my clients know this too, I am reminded that, well, no, not always is this the case. So I'm here to explain it.

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