5 Winter Food Prescriptions [Immune Boost]

Food is nature’s medicine. What’s your prescription? I often get requests asking for the best foods to eat in each season, today I’ve curated my top winter picks for you. It’s a tasty prescription.

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The Easy Guide to Fats

Many people are still stuck in the (very 1980's) trend of avoiding fat at all costs. Many of my clients have serious hang-ups about the calories from fat ruining their waistline, or the feeling of fat in their mouth, because they are so trained that it is bad for them. However, what we need to understand is that fat plays many important roles in the body, including being a source of energy. Here's all the fats: the good, the bad and the ugly....

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RELAX harder [How to Deal with Stress]

This past year in my blog I talked about digestion, stress and weight gain. The connection. There is so much more that stress does to keep us from our weight loss goals. Here's how to relax harder....

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Top 5 Magic Mushrooms + Their SuperPowers

It's a (natural) trip! Certain mushrooms have been used throughout history for their medicinal benefits, and now research is catching up with folk medicine. These special fungi have been shown some amazing things for your energy, brain, hormones, and immune system. I've listed the top 5 healthy mushrooms and a little about their super powers.....

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Wicked Warming Tea

In the winter time, we want our hot coffee, or our hot chocolate. Ritual.

I always encourage that we eat and drink foods with less refined (white) sugar.

Always encourage that we eat foods with less chemicals.

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