What Motivates Me To Prioritize Health (If It Feels Good, Do It)

Continuously prioritizing your self-care and nutrition is a work in progress. But I’m always talking about balance and that comes in handy at those times when you’re super motivated to ‘do better’ but then you know, life gets in the way. But I’m not perfect, either. So I’ll tell you how it tends to go for me, and how I actively work to prevent my ‘default’ setting of letting things slide. My process comes down to two very simple concepts…

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Why You DON'T Need Willpower

It's a name I've given to clients who have tried this in the past: dieting or calorie-counting, but failing and blaming it on their will power. What is willpower? It's simply obeying your rational mind (the part that understands things like long-term consequences and thoughts of right and wrong) over your drive for getting pleasure right now. But we aren't using will power the right way, and the way we use it always leads to failure. Here's how to break the chain of will power dieting....

Willpower is the "power" to make yourself behave a certain way even though you don’t want to. Sounds pretty sucky, right? Learn how to stop the war with willpower dieting.

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