On Death & Dying (Finding the Positives of Change)

Changing the way you eat is hard. Changing anything is hard. No one ever said that upgrading your life was going to be easy. As we change our diet, we need to allow for space to grow. As we evolve, things fall away and new things enter our horizons. We need to allow space for death.

In this blog I share the keys that you may need to let go of in order to get to the next level of wellness.

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3 Bendy-Rules for Your Food Phases

We all go through phases with our food. When you have that one (or 3) foods that you just can't get enough of at one time. Then you get sick of them. Move on. Here's a story about that time when I was 21... and became vegetarian. I am tying this story in with 'rules' (flexible ones!) about our food phases. This story is about vegetarianism, you can apply it to any food phase you have been through.

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How to do Food Planning

Food Planning eliminates a lot of stress for most people. It's just most people aren't taking advantage of it because they believe it's truly 'more' on their plate to do food planning. (Pro Insight: planning ahead is essential to saving time.) This is not the same as a meal plan, however, because Food Planning is when you list out what meals you'll make for the week. This is completely different from following a meal plan you receive from someone else and have the stress of creating new recipes with new-to-you ingredients. You create this meal plan before you shop so that you know exactly what you need to buy in order to make the meals. This saves you time and money as you aren't wandering the grocery store guessing as you go.

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