50 Ways to Leave Your … Diet

Let’s make a new plan, Stan. Everyone knows diets don’t work. So here’s 50 (count ‘em.. fifty) reasons why you need to break up with the diet mindset.

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That Time I Prescribed Something Powerful

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I work with what I know which is food and how it works for your body. I'm not legally (morally, ethically, common knowledge-y?) allowed to diagnose or prescribe anything. But recently talking to a client, I realized something I could ethically and legally prescribe. Permission.

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Lessen Your Foot Print [5 Easy Food Waste Solutions]

Household food waste statistics are mind-boggling. Learn easy way to use food before it goes bad, and the myths and misconceptions in foods’ expiry dates so you can lessen your footprint on the earth.

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Stress is your Biggest Problem [7 ways to Combat it]

Stress = dropping things, losing your keys, losing your cell phone, forgetting things. Is this you?

This was me for most of 2014 and half of 2015.

Does it have to do with our jobs, our choices? Yes.

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