Sympathy for the Devil (Overcoming Cravings)


These words are an attempt to be real in an industry ripe with diets & supplements, green smoothies, luscious skinny bodies & perfectly airbrushed glowing skin. 

Can't we see that that's not even real life? Eating salads and sprouts all day? Perfection is passé. 

Nutrition is not about perfection.

Cravings happen.

Heck, McDonald's happens.

So why do we have certain cravings? The first tool is to figure out whether it is a PHYSICAL craving or an EMOTIONAL craving. Are you craving those fries because you haven't had enough carbs that day and you really do need them? Or are you upset about something your boss said to you earlier and your default setting is to emotionally eat?

Good vs. Evil

You know in cartons when they have the angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? 

I want you to see it can go even deeper than that: to know exactly who they are, what they like to eat, say and do. I have a tie-dyed Woodstock-queen/peace&lovin' hippie on one shoulder (she's the sprouts/kombucha/salad eating lovebug), and a Hendrix-obsessed, angsty hell-raiser on the other (she's the pizza & beer gal, obviously). 

These two are in a battle of values, too! Are we a rebel, or are we a lover? Are we ying or yang? Who will we be today?

Whoooo are you?  Who who? Who who?


Do you know what your devil and angels who sit on either shoulder look like? These are your second tool on overcoming cravings. Could you dress them, put names to them and decide which one you are wearing that day and why? You can wake up and decide that Donut-Loving-Dorreen can come out to play today, and the rest of the week Feel-Good-Felicity is here to stay. 

This can be completely useful if you work at it. Pick your disadvantage, name it, give it a feeling.

It's more fun this way, plus we learn more about ourselves rather than trying to fit our diet into a box, working hard to 'change' a part of us. Truthfully, this is so powerful.

Pro Insight: sometimes the simple act of naming the disadvantage and that awareness of it, makes it rear its head much less!

Let's face it we're human - not super humans. Even Holistic Nutritionists' like to cut loose sometimes and have cake, or chocolates or even ***gasp*** a stiff drink.

Most nutritional coaches want you to fight the hell raiser. Overcome him or her, be bigger than the craving, be smarter than the want/need.

The truth is, it just usually doesn't work that way in the moment.

I want you to work with your hell raiser.

In my world "flexibility" is friggin' KING. Being asked to be bigger and smarter than a craving is like telling your body to shut up. It's trying to communicate something, and you're not listening.

Flexibility is where we find our happiness while honoring our body.  The reason we need help with making changes in our body and nutrition is because we often have 2 opposites bickering. The angel says "go for the kale salad" and the devil winks and says "go for the poutine, pumpkin, you know you want it." Pro Insight: Have some sympathy for the greasy poutine craving, it doesn't mean you have to act on it.

How do you find balance between the 'want' to eat fun and the 'need' to eat healthy?

The fight represents finding your freedom. The key is right in the middle! You can moderately enjoy foods that aren't good for you without ruining your progress. I give away my secret here.


Awareness of the angel and devil gives you a huge advantage. Have you ever tried to change something in your life but found that "life was against you" or "got in the way" of the change?  Yin and yang don't work against each other - they need each other for balance.

If you're looking for someone to be real with you when it comes to nutrition, I'm your girl.

If you're looking for someone to truly, deeply listen to you when it comes to your nutrition, I'm your girl.

If you're looking for balance when it comes to up-grading your nutrition (no week-long green drink cleanse required), I'm your girl.

If you're looking simply for sympathy, I'm not your girl. I will hold space for you as a consultant does, but I am holding you responsible for your own personal development through dietary modifications. My clients come to me when they are really ready to step up and make changes. Gain the awareness you need for deep changes in the life changing program Change Makers.

Wanna chat first? Talk to me, babe.