How Elizabeth Stopped Panicking About Food (Client Case)

Case Study, July 2017-December 2017  Alias used to protect clients’ confidentiality.

Elizabeth came to me as many of my female clients do: a bit overweight and wanting to feel healthier and stop stressing about food so much. She felt that food had started playing out in her 'perfectionist' mindset, and instead of enjoying cooking like she used to, she was spending way too much time stressing about what to eat.


Elizabeths’ lifestyle then…

  • Works in an office + has hobbies she loves
  • She has a positive attitude about life in general even with a diagnosis of depression
  • Enjoys gardening, cooking and reading
  • She does not sleep well (too stressed to relax)
  • Wished she had the energy to do more physical activities 

Her main concern was her weight, energy levels and worry about food.  When I first met Elizabeth, her overall diet consisted of the following:

  • Smoothies, avocado toast, (whole grain bread from a local bakery) for breakfast
  • Salad or leftovers for lunch (or pasta from a local restaurant)
  • 1-2 coffee a day
  • Steak, salmon, chicken or pork with vegetables for dinner
  • Popcorn, berries, frozen yogurt for snacks

As for liquids she would have 1-2 coffees daily, 1-3 herbal tea's, water, and 1 alcoholic drink per day

In September of 2017, Elizabeth went through Change Makers with education and coaching phone calls.

Elizabeth was determined to leave the stress of food behind and did not give up on making progress and was willing to try new things and foods even when she was unsure.

She started to develop a new relationship with food. She started to understand that food was to nourish her body and wasn't meant to add any stress at all to her life.

At our final coaching call of 2017, Elizabeth:

  • Had completely cut coffee out of her daily diet [HOW to do this]
  • Could feel the effect that sugar had on her body and hadn't had any sugar (not even on Halloween!)
  • Recognized she loved a schedule + planning food and easily got back on the wagon [Get Back on the Wagon]
  • Became aware that she needed 'me time' and began meditating - sleep + stress both improved big time
  • Is happier, began to turn her favourite hobby into side business and is excited & accomplished at how far she has come

Elizabeths’s diet hadn't changed incredibly. (It didn't need to.) But her mindset did.

She is no longer sinking into hours of guilt after enjoying treats

She is enjoying teas and has completely eradicated her requirement for coffee

She is dealing with her stress better and using meditation + exercise as a healthy coping mechanism

She has healthier snacks like fruits, pumpkin seeds or popcorn instead of frozen yogurt

She is no longer stressing about making the perfect meal or having the right amount of food - she has the skills to eat intuitively - to a comfortable level, and then stop (stop the overeating train)

She created boundaries with people or situations in her life that were causing her stress (and thus to overeat)

She no longer identifies with the "Perfectionist" label (she knows it is a spiral and doesn't do it anymore)

She could recognize the signs of 'problematic eating' within herself and catch it before it caused her drama & worry

Her energy levels were much better and she knew which choices lowered her energy - and more easily avoided those choices

Summer 2016 - 2nd Batch - 14.JPG

Case Results….

Before working with me, Elizabeth said she was "obsessing about food all the time.… my mindset is not healthy when it comes to good health through proper nutrition.”

By increasing her nutrition with more supportive whole foods, having a coach and getting super conscious of her thoughts + choices, Elizabeth's feeling less stressed + more mentally stable - her energy has increased too so she has more energy in her body to do daily physical activities like walking, biking or yoga, which is helping her lose weight without the use of supplements or complicated food programs.

Elizabeth says of the Change Makers program:

I love creating and enjoying food; but it got to the point where I was obsessing about it all the time. Thanks to this program, I’m able to relax and enjoy food again instead of stressing over every bite and/or meal. This program has not just helped me with food and/or diet; these tools are invaluable lifestyle skills that can be applied to everyday life.

Raina is an amazing coach and you couldn’t ask for anyone better in your corner to support you through your “Change Maker” journey! If you are really ready to make a change in your life, this program is for you!

How she did it

  • Elizabeth did this with the help and accountability of a nutritionist and coach
  • Elizabeth had the responsibility to dive in herself and take time to make nutrition a priority
  • She obtained guidance in the direction of education with Change Makers' powerful resources 
  • She willingly tried new things: was "coachable" and open to self-care and recognizing patterns in her own behaviour and thoughts
  • She saw her current choices as choices, and was open to shifting them, even if it felt hard at first

Elizabeth is one of our favourite case studies with a fantastic success story!

If you're feeling like her - overweight or depressed and STRESSED about food, just know there is hope, and I'm ready so ready to help you, if you're ready for change. Let's chit-chat.