5 Easy Ways to Keep Your (Life) Plate Clean & Stop Stress Eating

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You already know how to eat well. You just aren't actually doing it. Maybe you don’t feel you have time for nutrition because you’ve got too much other stuff on the go?

Maybe you've been stressing about nutrition for years, always searching for a quick fix and trying things that don't work....
(And you're getting a bit tired of bitching about it to anyone who will listen.) 

But you CAN do it. All you can do is make the commitment to STOP searching for the latest fast-fix and gain the skills needed to eat right and stick with it.

But it's not just about the knowledge of which foods are healthy.

It has to take your whole life into account, what foods don't work for you, your thoughts, your allergies, your MIND, your schedule AND very importantly, your stress levels. Because all of these add to our life plate (as well as career, family and self-care) it is easy to get overwhelmed with wanting to make change. Then we may stress about it.

Stress can cause cravings, increased appetite, and “stress eating.” [Relax Harder: How To Deal with Stress]

Many of my clients engage in "stress eating."  We are searching for answers, love or comfort from our food. When our plates are too full, we don’t make the time to deal with things in a timely manner (bills, phone calls, car repairs? etc)and things pile up. Pile up leads to stress. I love simplicity. Keeping my 'plate clean' in life is key to my happiness and I want to share that happiness and simplicity with my clients. Because when you remove the stress of what, when, how and how much to eat, you free up so much space in your mind.

I don't mean cleaning your dinner plate [You Don't Need to Finish Your Plate] when I say 'keep your plate clean.' This is a life mentality for dealing with things as they come up - so they don't pile and pile up, leaving you with a stressful mess of a huge to-do list of sh*t to do.

Keep Your Plate Clean.

That same feeling you have when you 'cleanse' your home and fill 2 big garbage bags with 'stuff' you no longer need and take it down to the thrift shop? That clean, open feeling can be yours each and every day!

Stress eating something we unconsciously do and it really adds to extra pounds, a feeling of tiredness (lethargy) and low energy as well as decreasing our motivation to make the right choices because heck, we've already ate bad today, so why keep trying anyway? This is the trap we get caught in.


Without going into lengthy details about this ('stress eating' pretty much sums itself up in the name), let me just tell you quickly the tools to get out of stress eating...

Here’s how to keep your plate clean and get out of stress eating:

  1. Decide you are tired of making excuses and not fixing this problem.

    Have you been through the ringer enough with worry about your nutrition? You deserve to start making time for yourself to improve this area of life and watch how it domino affects other parts of your life, making improvements and healing along the way. Get nutrition confidence by looking at your food choices through a different lens. Read [Why You Need Nutrition Confidence & How to Get it] Just deciding to deal with it already can help clear the worry from your life plate.

  2. Pay attention and get curious & conscious about your stress eating: when you do it, why, how much time it sucks from you.

    If you’re stressed about how busy you are and how your life plate is over flowing, the irony is that you actually need to slow down, not work more. You’ve over done it. You work hard. Now you need to prioritize. Slowing down in life helps you set your priorities better and focus better so you can stop multi-tasking and actually get stuff done. Slowing down eating helps your digestion huge. Get conscious of this. Read [7 Ways to Stoke Your Digestive Fire] and try a habit of severe self care for deep relaxation that I’m obsessed with: floating. Consciousness of your issue (and its time sucking) is what can really drive the need to deal with the issue forward. Just awareness of it alone can help clear the worry from your life plate.

  3. Fill the gaps and make the decision to fill that time with something nourishing instead.

    If you weren’t stressed or researching nutrition or lamenting about yours, what would you do with that time instead? How about those things that you don’t do anymore that make you happy and relaxed? Like your hobby, getting some exercise, turn on some great music to relax to. Or a healthy life habit like stopping to drink some clean water or make a healthy tea. What about taking in a yoga class? How about preparing healthy food with that time instead? Slowing down will get you there. Taking time for yourself helps you reset your mind, which will allow you to deal with life stresses and clear more worry from your plate.

  4. Deal with your stress.

    Stress is one of the biggest problems we all have. It’s not about eradicating it - some of it is good and motivating for us- it’s about balance and dealing with things that are within your control. As someone who’s always leaned to the anxiety side of life, I’m obsessed these last few years with learning the art of relaxation! Read [Relax Harder: How to Deal with Stress] Dealing with your stress will allow you to have more time for yourself to reset and refresh, which allows you the space to clear even more worry from your plate.

  5. Get a coach.

    Finding the root of your issues and clearing your worry about the rest is what I do best. I can pinpoint what you need to zero in on - and what we don’t need to think about anymore. Working on it and doing the work you know you need to for nutrition improvement is a fast track to clearing this worry from your plate so you can get on with life after food-stress. This is what I help women do.

Step 5 - Hey, that’s me! If you book to work with me you get a unique hand-crafted plan tailored just for you! After receiving your personalized nutrition package (foods, supplements & lifestyle adjustments to add to your life to move forward from where you are now) you are set to get going on the recommendations and start making real headway.


Need more in-depth coaching? Joining Change Makers gets you bi-weekly education & content, monthly coaching and a private Facebook group with incredible support.

You'll get a feeling of concrete simplicity from Change Makers, by the end of it you'll be able to NEVER have to worry about nutrition again. It won't stress you out.

It won't make you count, track or worry about it. You can stop searching for the next fad diet or cure. Forever.

Can I be super forward and honest? Because this program teaches you the basics and you learn to listen to your own body for food guidance, you move forward with a life changing tool: all the power yourself. No more searching if you put in the effort required. Change Makers solves all your nutrition worry (and some life stuff, too!) That's big change. After 6 months of dedicating yourself to the education and changes, you can seriously relax.

Clear nutrition off your plate of worries so you can focus on other things in life.... you know: the little things like a powerful new side of yourself you've uncovered, a new fitness love you've gained, or that hobby-turning-business you've been dreaming of. (These are real things that changed for real people in my program!)

Pull up your bootstraps and let's get going.