Stairway to Heaven: 7 Steps to Healing

When we talk about ‘healing’ we are talking about moving away from certain symptoms in our body or life we are experiencing. I have seen this healing process with clients for nutrition, and have dealt with it myself with food and other issues. From my personal experiences and those in my clients, the process of healing can look like this, or it can shift around and take years and years. It’s never overnight and its never easy.

No, it’s a journey.

Here are the 7 steps of healing the way I have seen and experienced them.


Oblivious is the time before the journey, a time when we wander aimlessly not understanding where our digestive or weight problem is rooted or how to go about solving it. In fact, we may not even know at all yet we have a problem. We can easily be oblivious to it. We may have never seriously considered nutrition as a “thing” we need to deal with or improve on our plate of life. We just aren’t aware.


Recognition/Identifying is hearing something, reading something or understanding something about yourself that makes you look at your life differently and recognizing that there is a problem. Maybe you didn’t think much about nutrition until someone in your family got diagnosed with cancer and they completely upgraded their diet. Or you watched someone go on a whole foods style of eating and lost (and maintain the loss of) 50 pounds. You recognized that nutrition could be a problem solver. You can identify that perhaps it could help you too.


Awareness is the state when you begin noticing your own nutrition issues. Maybe you recognize that you eat out too often because you didn’t have any food prepared. Maybe you notice that you overeat a lot and you think maybe that’s a problem. Perhaps your family or friends are eating better and you become aware that their life is improving in some way - either by visually noticing or because they told you why it is. You know that it’s a problem you need to solve. You know that now.

Rejection/Disillusionment is the phase where you believe it’s too much work. You give up on thinking about doing anything about it because you don’t think you can make the changes. You don’t believe it’ll actually help you, or you reject the whole idea of making any changes because well, maybe it’ll work for some people, but probably not you. This is a necessary but damaging phase because you are injecting unwelcome ideas and projecting beliefs on yourself without any further investigation. It always happens this way, and it’s a necessary phase that is essentially a slowing of your progress. You don’t believe it’s as good as it seems. But you’ll move through this.

Anger/Exacerbate/Heighten is the time when you go in the opposite direction of where you’re really headed. You’re so frustrated at the idea of fixing your nutrition that you go overboard on the opposite. You might eat out more, eat more junk food in an attempt to fool yourself, thinking you don’t need an improvement to make your life better. A little bit of a pity party - you just stop caring about it entirely. It makes you annoyed to think about how once you were so aware that you could solve this problem. You almost don’t believe that you once cared, because right now you just don’t.


Acceptance is one of the most important phases. Accepting that it might take a long time to get here… but by now, you accept that there is a severe problem. You truly accept that you got yourself here, that you can dig yourself out of it. You begin looking for answers, for steps or coaches or a mentor and plan of action to help you get yourself out of this. You learn to accept (and must forgive yourself) for the past two phases where you made the mess worse. It was you getting on your way out - you just didn’t see it then. It’s part of the healing. It’s okay.

Surrender is the phase when the deep healing can begin. You’re here. You’ve admitted there is a real problem. You are now taking small steps to correct the path you once did not believe you could ever get on. The right one. You are educating yourself, you are making better choices, you are finding balance and you are getting on with it. You are a powerhouse.

You can do this.

I believe in you!

These healing phases might be familiar to you, in a journey you’ve experienced or may still be in. It’s all part of the human experience. Foundational nutritional values of Lutz Nutrition like balance, evolution and confidence are not nutrition problems. They are human problems. [Read: The Evolution of 7: 7 Ways to Solve Your Problems] I believe strongly that eating with our body as the authority, our body in charge rather than following trendy diets & checking our scales daily is the key to success in following a traditional, whole foods style of eating. (I talk about this in my Facebook group, a great place to be if you’re on your way to a healthier, holistic style of eating.)

Changing your diet is no small feat. It’s a big deal. Our food choices are closely tied in with our emotions, our childhoods and much more that we often aren’t aware of. Learn to become the observer of your food habits and you get better control. It’s not about will power however, it’s simply about awareness and consciousness. [Read: Consciousness Over Calories]

If you need a coach to help you through the shifts required to change your diet, I’m your girl. Check out your options, I love email! Feel free to shoot me an email.