3 Easy Ways to Get Back to Your Roots

We are moving back in time to move forwards .....and wanting living food in our diets again.


We want local food.

We want artisinally-created foods.

We want craft-beer.

We want organic food.

We want organic kombucha.

We want raw.

We want food from our own or our neighbours' garden

We want free-range. We want to feel good.

This shift is on its way, the food movement is real.

Could it be that by abandoning the ancient practice of lacto-fermentation and and insisting on a diet in which everything has been pasteurized, we have compromised the health of our entire body?

That we've made our intestinal flora more vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms...

(Having an imbalanced gut bacteria leads to issues that can contribute to lowered immunity and weight gain, it's no wonder we are so sick in our modern processed foods world.)

Real foods (whole foods) and fermented foods balance our blood sugar, add luxury to meal time (we'd want to make more time for our good food if its healthy, delicious AND sexy!) and support a healthy bacteria balance in our gut.


But we don't have time for this anymore, we don't grow our own food anymore, and we often choose convenience over what's right.

In essence, we lost touch with our past.

We lost touch with the values we wanted to see in the world.

We lost touch with our small & local farming.

We lost touch with living food, when we sacrificed beauty, simplicity and natural foods for quick, processed convenience foods.

In order to understand this better, it goes back all the way to how our farming model changed. How we went from small, local farms to factories. How we went from tribes caring for each other, to global operations. How we went from a local mindset, to a chain grocery store with food products from all over the world.

We lost our roots. We are scrambling to find them.

We are getting there.... and we are scrambling backwards to find them once again in our foods.... Read: [Why Fermented Foods are Freakin’ Fab] We are missing the food, experience and the simple nature of a time passed.

Get back to your roots:

Cherish the time past, and keep the values from those times that you wish to see in the world now. Pass it on.....

The revolution isn't happening in your phone. Stay wide awake, in the real world, eat real food, support local - make changes. Join the food movement and you help us all get back to our roots... "Be the change" … we can still hold that vision.

One bite at a time.