That Time my Client Got a Private Photo

My clients are so, so amazing.

This past summer, an (old) cell phone of mine was hacked. The person who took it over did all sorts of strange things - including message some of my clients to send them photos, send some emails to people and add some photos of their house and cats to my “cloud” gallery.


When I started getting messages back from people, in response to messages from my account that I knew I did not send, it was a very eerie feeling. Cue Halloween music.

One of my favourites stories from this haunting event was a response from one of my (now) clients to one of the private photos she was sent.

She said "This is a great ice breaker. Can I book an appointment?"

Oh, my heart!

My most successful clients are:

  • fun & flexible

  • always try to find the silver lining

  • not pouty, they step up and do the work to get stuff done

  • like the city AND the country

  • non-conformist

  • like nice things but also the simple things in life

  • loving

  • kind

  • responsible

  • try to be non-judgmental

  • care about themselves + their health

  • wildly inspirational to me!

Are you ready for change?

I work with clients who are:

  • tired of food causing them stress (When clients know how to read their own body signals and stop trusting magazines / diets, they'll digest better, lose weight and have 100% confidence in their nutrition. No more searching for the next quick fix. We all know it doesn't work.)

  • tired of feeling like they do not have the time or energy for eating well (I learned a lot of important lessons while transitioning my diet in 2010 from standard fare to beautiful, clean food. The skills I learned about the mindset/mental transformation required are relevant, because changing your diet is more about your mindset than it is about gathering a bigger salad recipe collection.  (I craft my incredible clientele nutrition plans that give them the tools + 100% confidence to eat well, easily and repeatedly.)

  • Those "tired of feeling this way" folks I mentioned above? If that’s you, it’s my mission to show you that eating well doesn’t have to be hard. (And, that it feels really, really good.... when you do it my way.)

Dear reader, you don’t have to be surprisingly inspired (and miraculously not offended) by private photos to become a client of mine, but if you fit the above description of my most successful clients, suffer from digestive issues (or need help with weight loss) and are ready for some serious change, I’d love to help you! Here’s how.