What’s Holding You Back from Eating Better? [3 Solutions]

With this amazing body as humans' we receive at birth comes a range of not-so-awesome complaints as we age. What about these stomach aches, how about this gas, there's pain in this area, I get headaches, I have anxiety and on and on. The list grows as we grow and change. And the worse we become at self-care, the worse our complaints get.

Courtesy - Chef Scott of Nourished Edible Wellness Kelowna BC

Courtesy - Chef Scott of Nourished Edible Wellness Kelowna BC

Our bodies are like cars. No matter how new it is or even if we think we should be 100% healthy and have no problems, we are still always having to work on maintenance. We always have to take ourselves into the shop (doctor, naturopath, nutritionist) for tune ups, even if we are doing lots right. I have seen the same issues over and over... I spent time doing research locally here in BC, Canada and I realized that my initial thought and worry was correct: most people, even those who knew how to eat, were not taking care of themselves with proper nutrition.

I wanted to find out why. 

Nutrition Challenges

The aim of the research was to

Uncover the top diet and nutrition challenges faced by adults aged 18-65


  1. Low energy to prepare healthy food

  2. Time pressures and difficulties planning quick and healthy meals

  3. Feeling overwhelmed at the preparation of food

  4. Needing quick food and eating inappropriate snacks (junk food)

  5. "Self control", stress eating, emotional eating

Other problems included: gut issues, lack of knowledge on healthy snacks, not eating regularly enough,  eating on the run, motivation, consistency, cravings and conflicting education.

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These challenges make clients feel frustrated, tired, weary, irritated, hungry, unhealthy, fatigued and overwhelmed. People have said to me that life felt “so crazy that nutrition does not take priority at all,” and another also added “I know that it’s incredibly important but I just don’t take the time to deal with it.”

My clients said that they would rather feel more energetic, more organized, more motivated and have more positive support for eating better. 


  1. Weekly content and education on the psychology of making better choices and forming new habits [Join my newsletter FREE]

  2. Online group support with meal ideas and a positive forum [Join Lutz Nutrition on Facebook FREE)

  3. One to one coaching for individuals' to access my unique nutrition package to give you a PLAN for moving forward [What is it?]

Not all of my clients have tried to solve their nutrition challenges before.  The range of solutions most people have tried were fad diets and calorie counting, friends-group diet support, avoiding purchasing ‘treat’ foods (willpower diet!) or getting spiritual healing or acupuncture to induce a 'shift' to make better decisions.

For most, the solutions they had tried worked ‘sometimes’, except when they ran out of motivation or energy. Most said that they feel they do know how to eat healthy but time was the biggest factor.

When asked what they do with a magic (nutrition!) wand, most wanted healthy meals prepared fresh for them so their energy would be higher. Some wanted the motivation to prepare healthy food and others wanted more time in the 12 hour day. 



While not a magician, healer or guru, Holistic Nutritionists' understand that life is busy and eating well can feel hard. But I can help you solve that problem. I can help you find the motivation and skills to carve out time to make healthy food a priority. It's what I do. Once you do - you will have more energy to do so. It's a vicious cycle and once it's broken there is no turning back. You will choose healthy food more and more because of the way you feel, not because of any external pressure to 'do better' or diet.  Will power is not the way. Read: [Why You DON’T Need Willpower] Getting in tune with your body is the only sustainable way.

6M//Change Makers (6 months) is the closest I have ever come to being able to wave a magic (nutrition!) wand around my clients.

If this is you (Above!) please Like or share this post with your friends. Lutz Nutrition provides the motivation you need to start eating better in your own unique nutrition plan created just for you. It includes foods to add to your diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to shift to move you forward. The plan is re-usable (go back to it month after month to upgrade slowly if that's your style) and gives you the resources available to finally start taking more steps towards a better balanced diet that supports your energy levels and lifestyle. You're not as far from the top as you think, and it feels amazing here.