Cheerleader for Holistic Nutrition

I am beyond excited to be nominated by my peers for the Julie Daniluk Award in 2016! "This award is given to the Holistic Nutritionist who has demonstrated outstanding presence via print, social media and live presentations and can be considered a cheerleader for and within the Holistic Nutrition Industry."

From our Alumni Association: "The Holistic Nutrition Awards are formed to recognize and honour those who have exhibited exceptional work in the Holistic Nutrition Industry within Canada."

I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a student, near Rainbow Road (now West 4th Ave) in the land of beaches, yoga & organic-food-fueled Kitsilano, BC. I was proud to finish at the Vancouver branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with my diploma in Holistic Nutrition. After my time in Vancouver, I headed back to the Okanagan and have been blessed to be practicing, brewing kombucha, touring workshops and teaching ever since. Today, it is my great privilege to have been nominated and represent the Okanagan Holistic Nutrition community along with my colleague, Lisa Kilgour.

The 2016 CSNN Alumni Holistic Nutrition Awards will be held on Saturday, May 28 at the annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition conference. I am so honored! Thank you!

An overview of us Okanagan girls representing at the Awards was picked up by SummitFM in Cranbrook, BC.

Why I'm a Cheerleader for the Holistic Nutrition Industry:

  • As taught to me by my mentor, there is no room for competition, territories or any sense of lack in our field and industry

  • I know our profession is changing the world: you can see it in grocery stores, in the news, at the farmers’ markets and through the way our dialogues are changing

  • I welcome new nutritionists' to the Okanagan by meeting with them and learning about what they do and how they can add to our local industry

  • I facilitate a safe space for all Okanagan Holistic Nutritionists' online and to connect and get inspired support from each other at our monthly luncheons

  • I share our natural, whole foods education far and wide

  • I mentor newer RHN's so they can receive the business, branding and marketing education & tools necessary to take the next steps in their business

  • I am an active member of Facebook groups that connect Vancouver Island RHN's all the way to Toronto RHN's, and I often represent the Okanagan online in those groups, when I'm not busy taking care of business & our work in the world

  • I have been promoting the high quality, ethical work of Holistic Nutrition in the Okanagan since I got my diploma in hand in 2011 as I see the value in our work and how we can help people feel better and get healthier

  • I'm seriously obsessed (in love) with what I do!

  • I have a LONG list of client successes in the last years

I'm very honored to have been nominated for this award. If you've been craving getting into the Holistic Nutrition field yourself, check out this post!