You Don't Need More (Nutrition) Knowledge

In our day and age of hunter-gatherers of information, we don't need more nutrition knowledge.

I've gotten 3 emails this week all saying the same thing.

"I need to know when to eat and exactly what to eat so I know I'm doing it right!"

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If you really need all that, you can totally get what you need somewhere online that sells meal plans. 

Following this will help you get somewhere. If you think it'll be a good return on investment for you, maybe it will. But most people find it easier to upgrade the quality of their food (whole foods!) slowly. Slow and steady wins the race. [Read Do You Need a Meal Plan? here]

I don't help people with this anymore, because what I do is more about the whole foods movement and eating clean and organic, supporting local and getting people to take responsibility for their own choices. I want my clients to get really conscious of how their body feels when they eat certain foods so they can more easily make healthier choices based on how they'd prefer to feel. People who want meal plans typically are used to viewing food as complicated (plans, counting calories, etc) and most of my clients are stressed enough about food, so I try my best to un-complicate it for them.

Maybe you spend too much time surfing the web, reading books or talking to friends or coworkers about food or nutrition. Maybe you've been feeling for a long time like you need to follow a meal plan in order to be healthier. Maybe you're a person who looks down on others' for their food choices. Maybe you find yourself stressed and planning and worrying about food each day.

Essentially, food has taken over your life.

Most of the time, the only thing we are missing is the clarity to simplify it. But we think what we need is MORE.


More knowledge.

More time to research.

More diets.

More books.

That's a lot of ... time. When you join the counter-culture of holistic nutrition, you don't need to spend hours researching, planning, prepping and worrying about food every day.

When we enter the arena of food obsession, (which has the potential to grow as harmful as "orthorexia" a medical condition in which the sufferer obsesses about avoiding specific foods) or counting calories or worry about food, we leave our childhood/natural healthy relationship with food behind.

Kids, when given healthy food will choose it when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Then they go back to playing or imagining and move on with their lives. They would never count calories or worry about the amount of food because they are still in touch with their body and it's hunger signals. [See the Neutral/Better/Best Scale Tool here.]

But as we grow and become adults and consumers our head gets filled with the following:

//diets our friends are doing

//trendy diets celebrities are doing

//billboard, magazine and TV advertising

//our families' quirks or beliefs around food

//society's beliefs around food

//generational beliefs that are passed down to us [It's no longer War Time]

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These all combine to fill our head with unnecessary worry that clouds our minds.

You need a cleanse! But not quite like our RESET. More like a [Cleansing Your Doors of Perception]  kind of cleanse.

Lose the worry about the proper amounts and the counting and the stress. The simplest way to eat is to eat real food. Take what you know already, add a therapeutic food plan to what you're already doing and be like a happy kid - eat real food, eat till you are full and move on with your life.

Once you realize that ALL the beliefs and stuff that you're holding on to is what's causing you stress - and that you can let that all go. Once you realize that everyone elses' food agenda on you isn't yours and you can let it all go. Once you realize that instead of filling your head with MORE more more you instead can leave the stress by clearing and simplifying.

Then you'll truly see - you don't need more nutrition knowledge. (Relax. Free your mind.)