Fruit Leather in the Okanagan [Recipe]

Our Okanagan

Have a heaping amount of one fruit that's in season? That's what happens when the sun shines straight for 5 months!

I had too many apricots.... and this post was born.

We're lucky here in the Okanagan to have fresh fruits in abundance throughout the warm and delicious summer time.

Everyone decided to give me apricots this weekend, and I knew we couldn't eat them all in time, so I decided that I'd dry them to preserve. But dry them whole or blend them down for fruit leather? I'd wanted to try fruit leather for quite some time, and now was the perfect opportunity.

I found lots of recipes online that told me that I needed to add sugar, lemon and other flavours.

Holistic Nutritionists love all-natural foods, so I thought the sweetness of the fruit was enough for me. I simply blended it down and spread it in the dehydrator.

This is one really healthy thing you can do, year-round it doesn't have to be in the summer only. Touch your food. Blend it up, add spices, stir it.

In our microwaved-drive-thru culture, a powerful motion in the real food movement is to buy local whole foods and prepare them yourself. It's so powerful!


Here's my directions for the most simple, basic and whole fruit leather you can create....

  • Measure and cut 3 cups of fruit total (your choice). Fresh is best.
  • Add the fruit (and water if needed) to a blender or food processor. Cover with a lid. Blend until smooth.
  • If you don't have liners on your dehydrator, you can line it with plastic wrap
  • Spread thin layers of the blended fruit on the wrap or liner
  • Use a spatula to get a nice even surface, we want it to dry evenly!

Dehydrate at 135° - 140°.

Takes 6-11 hours depending on method, thickness and fruit of your fruit leather.

Carefully peel fruit leather off sheet and rip or cut into strips.

Roll in parchment paper strips or store in a used yogurt container.

We have a great dry climate here in the Okanagan, perfect for drying fruit, as it is not ideal to dry on a rainy or humid day.

Enjoy your crispy, tasty fruit leather!

It's homemade, its real and its fantastic.

I loved the apricot fruit leather. Vitamin A is an antioxidant high in apricots that may help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. They are fresh in June and July in BC and don't keep long - one reason why preserving is a great idea!

Caution: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine large quantities of fresh apricots can stress the spleen and stomach. Please don't overeat these natural treats.