Eat Ice Cream (and Other "Bad" Things)

There are no bad foods - only choices.

The foods are just there, they just exist. Potato chips or ice cream don't tell you to eat them - you make the conscious choice to buy them, bring them into your home, then open them up and then put them in your mouth. That's a lot of time ahead of the actual eating part to think about it. How does the food make you feel once you do make that choice?

One reason we are so lost in nutrition is because we are constantly looking to external forces to tell us how to eat. We follow diet trends, we buy the latest products, we read the newest books and change our diets based on everyone else's opinion or 'facts.' What this does is lead us to believe that we do not inherently know what our body likes to eat, what it leads us to believe is that we don't trust ourselves to know. 

We look to external forces to tell us how to think, act, be, talk, EAT.

It makes our world, especially the world of nutrition, MUCH more difficult to navigate.

I had a post on Facebook in this summer of 2016 that got a lot of attention, so I want to share it here and elaborate on it, since it seems to have struck a chord with so many people.

"I don't care if you eat ice cream. 

I want you to drink wine and beer and enjoy life and all its pleasures. I don't care if you eat chocolate bars or granola bars or take out. My goal is not to force change in everything and make you feel uncomfortable around me. 

My goal is simply to CHANGE the way people THINK about food and their bodies, so much power is there. Power is in awareness, not in STRICT changes. THAT'S my movement."

Ok maybe it sounded a little harsh to say "I don't care." 

It doesn't mean I don't care about you. (It means I don't judge my clients for their choices. Not at all.)

Because I can teach you what works in nutrition and what has worked for me, how to be more in tune with your body, and that ultimately YOU are the guru.


YOU can make changes yourself, when you want, when you're really ready, equipped, and can aim and fire at the issue at hand.

But before all those things align? Not my concern.

Before you realize you're tired of searching for 'the truth' trying all the diets and running in circles? 

Before you recognize that nutrition plays a huge role in how you feel throughout your day? 

Before you are tired of making excuses for your nutrition and are really, really ready to make changes.... not my concern.

My job, my concern IS getting you, my client, to learn that all the wisdom you need is in your body.

Not in diet books, protein shakes, special pills, creams or wild promises of incredible quick weight loss or programs with no real, deep changes needed. (Pro Insight: Diets don't work.)

We need change, we need that inner looking, we need that sense of momentum that something new is happening... and we need to trust ourselves and learn about what truly nurtures our body. You don't fit in a box. You are unique. YOU get to decide what you eat, what feels good and when. You get to decide your own boundaries. Learn that, plus some whole foods education and be forever trusting that you can keep yourself in good health.

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Stop worrying about what other people believe, say, think, put on you, assume of you or tell you to eat. This includes friends, family, billboards, magazine ads, marketers and food packages.


Think of all the times you've let outside influence sway you - really think about it. All those diets, all those extreme attempts, all those head games with counting calories or 'cheat days' or 'being good', all that stress about eating the 'right way' and all those uncomfortable moments in the restaurants, feeling watched and judged....

It could ALL

go away

with this



PLOT TWIST:  Learn what feels good for you and your body - and then go do that. You'll know you got it right when you start eating for you and your stress about food melts away. If you need help with the melting, I'd love to help, talk to me babe!