How to "Get Back on the Wagon"

Many people struggle with nutrition because they can't stay on track, follow-through, or stay on the wagon. They go for days, weeks, maybe months on a good path and then fall off, and stay off. In my nutrition practice, I don’t teach diets, I teach you to stay on the healthy path for good (and I teach balance: that it's okay to fall off!)


What other skills I want you to know:
-I want you to be able to easily eat whole foods + recognize processed foods [Read 5 Reasons You Need Whole Foods]
-I want you to learn to be mindful of what is working (or not) for your body [Read a Surprising Weight Loss Strategy]
-I want you to be able to get 'back on the wagon' easily [Get the tools & invest so you'll never put your trust in another diet or need a nutritionist ever again]

To answer the question of this blog right away.

The reason you clicked on it. How to get back on the wagon when I’ve already screwed up so bad?!

The easiest, simplest way to get back on the wagon is…

To get back on.

Crazy, right?

We’ve been taught that ‘failure’ in our diet means that we are a failure.

That is the diet mindset creeping in, prying its chains into you, creating guilt and shame and stress. Read: [Why You Don’t Need Willpower] for more on the diet industry and how it’s affecting us, and how to get yourself out of it.

You don’t have to see 'eating poorly' or ‘making a bad choice’ as falling off the wagon, never to return. You can see it simply as a side step, away from what you want and away from what feels good, only to be conscious of that and return to eating healthy, because it feels good. Don’t over think it. Read: [Consciousness Over Calories]

What mindset shifts I want for you:
-I want you to understand that diets are not the way, and it is a false trap every time. Read: [A Surprising Weight Loss Strategy]
-I want you to understand and believe and trust that you are your own guru (especially when it comes to food)
-I want you to understand and believe and and feel that your body is in charge (not diet books, not Dr. Google, not your friends or family, not the TV ads, not the food marketing)
-I want you to understand that nourishment over calorie-counting is the fast-track to health and sanity when it comes to food


What I can help you with:
I can help you with a nutrition plan that gives you specifics on how to move forward.
I can help you with bringing inspiring food traditions into your kitchen: like soaking grains or fermenting foods.
I can help you with thinking about food and nutrition differently.
I can help you with understanding that mindful eating is 80% of the equation, good food being the other 20%.
I can help you with seeing your emotional eating issues.
I can help you with support surrounding eating well for your body.
I can help you with interpreting complicated nutritional science or books you read.
I can help you with getting back on the wagon, once you've fallen off.
I can help you with the perspective changes needed that will push you to make healthy food choices.
I can help you with the belief that you need a meal plan in order to move forward with healthy nutrition.
I can help you with detailed lists of foods in restaurants that are best suited to you right now.
I can help you with referrals from my Rolodex for other specialized treatments you might need alongside food. 
I can create a personalized Pinterest board for you (based on the nutrition package I create just for you) to stay motivated with your goals.
I can help you simplify food, remove the stress about it and listen to your issues.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, coach and consultant, I help you reach your goals based on what you need in that moment, I don't overwhelm you with stuff you don't need, and I help you take action on getting the tools and motivation to start eating the way you want to.... talk to me!