3 Ways to Cope (Nutritionally) at Holidays

I’m going to make this super short & sweet. Just how chocolate-filled holidays should be, too - not a looong, dragged out slow and painful slaughter of our immune system with whopping amounts of refined sugar. Read: [5 Ways to Stronger Immunity]


Let me break this down for you in the most simplest terms: Buy the chocolate or candy, eat some of it, slowly and mindfully, enjoying it and give the rest away and move on with your life. Don’t support the oncoming flu season with more and more candy for days and weeks afterward!

Here’s my best 3 tools for how to cope best with holidays (in the nutrition world.)

  1. Just because the candy or chocolate bars are mini, doesn’t mean you should eat more of them.

  2. Just because the chocolate bars are on sale the day after holidays in the grocery store, doesn’t mean you have to buy a ton of them.

  3. Just because the chocolate bars are in the house, doesn’t mean you have to eat them.

Here’s more tools for how to get through holidays (“sugar overloads”) mindfully and healthily.

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At Halloween, I’ll be enjoying some caramel corn [Because Halloween Can Be Sort of Healthy] …..and the most excellent apples: ambrosia.

Happy Holidays!