Why You Need Nutrition Confidence (& How to Get It!)


Most of my clients come to me because they have very similar problems. Simply put, food stresses them out.

It's wearing out their energy.

It's creating more symptoms because the stress about food is hampering their digestive powers.

A lot of time we waffle on our nutrition decisions, or we make a decision because "I've already really messed it all up today" or "I think I'll just exercise more tomorrow to make up for this" or some other crazy mind game.

That's not the way nutrition is supposed to feel.

I can tell you this, there's a better way.

If it doesn't feel fun and easy, and you are are FRUSTRATED with food, you are lacking balance, and might be missing a couple of keys in the realm of nutrition confidence & clarity.

//It means not feeling guilty when you make a choice of a 'not-so-good-for-you' food

//It means sauntering through the grocery store, picking produce, meat and canned goods that you feel good about - and easily avoiding the chocolate bars, chip and pop aisle, without a second thought about it.

//It means easily letting other peoples' opinions about whats good and right to eat or not no longer stresses you (it doesn't even phase you at all)


//It means awareness of your body and its needs and simply following that without having to do research on what MIGHT work for you

It means taking the risk that changes everything.

Without CLARITY in your nutrition choices, I promise you this: you will be chronically stressed about food, and what works for you and how to do it.

You will obsess over the little details & procrastinate on the easy way to do it that really makes a difference. You will second-guess your bodies' innate wisdom and make choices that you later regret and stew on. You will take other peoples' advice about nutrition and be changing direction all the time, only to collapse in overwhelm and eat fast food in an attempt to take your own control back. [Read: Why You Don't Need Willpower]

And at the end of the day, I don't want any of that for you.

Your life is meant for bigger things than that kind of silly drama.

So maybe you've been following me for awhile, read some blogs, want to change your diet but are stressed about how?

HOW exactly do you GET confidence and clarity in nutrition?

//Learn your bodies' signals and thoroughly evaluate your cravings [Read: Sympathy for the Devil]

//Become more mindful of your own personal eating habits and behaviours [Read: A Surprising Weight Loss Strategy]

//Choose to "LET IT GO' and let other peoples' opinions and/or experiences with diets or fads go in one ear and out the other [Read: Ignoring Food Trends Saves You Energy & Time]

//Choose whole foods as much as possible, and when you can't, don't stress about it [Read: 5 Reasons You Need Whole Foods]


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