Kombucha: You've Been Drinking it Wrong

I get asked this question so often, "How and I supposed to take it, and how much am I supposed to drink?" I thought it deserved its' own words.

Kombucha Tasting Summer of Love party, Cawston, Summer 2017

Kombucha Tasting Summer of Love party, Cawston, Summer 2017

For all drinkers of kombucha I have to share that appearing at a table with a tasting flight of Experience Kombucha can be a delightful encounter, and while there is no specific technique for this undertaking there are some interesting ways you can make the process more entrancing for you.

Many people do kombucha tastings as a wine tasting - and I love it. There is never any harm in a sniff, swirl and then share.

Here's how most people drink kombucha:  They drink it.

And here's how you should be doing it...

1) Notice the color and the floating yeasts ... because Experience Kombucha is traditionally prepared in small-batches, our kombucha is not cookie cutter. Colors, amount of floaties and even carbonation levels can all differ from batch to batch.

2) Give it a whiff. The scent of vinegar indicates the healthy presence of certain special bacteria's us brewers' crave. Note that, and see if you can pick up any other scents from the kombucha, like the fruits.

3) Take your sip and see what you notice first - the secondary ferment flavour, or the vinegar, or the sweetness, or the tart? How does it shift as it is bouncing around your mouth? What does your tongue pick up first and what is the 'after-flavour' for you?

For newbies:

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Drinking kombucha will be adding new yeasts and bacteria to your body. While healthy, these are still new. Therefore, it is always recommended to start your intake slow, and increase your intake gently.

Start with 1 oz. per day, with food.

After a week or so, many people find they are wanting more than 1 oz. per day. If this is you, then increase to 2 oz. per day. I wouldn't recommend more than 4 - 6 oz. per day, even for seasoned drinkers.

If you are an alcoholic or are alcohol sensitive, caffeine or sugar sensitive, or have Candida that you are actively working to balance...…kombucha may not be the drink for you. Listening to/feeling out how your body reacts to it is crucial. Does it help your body digest better, how does it feel after you drink it? Everything in moderation.

For intermediate drinkers:


You have to listen to your body. There are some days you only need a few ounces (with food or without, since your body is now used to the new yeasts + bacterias, and you may even find yourself craving it because it makes your liver happy - our body is always naturally attracted to what is really good for it!) and there are days when you do crave more.

If you find you have a bowel tolerance for kombucha, learn your limit and stick to it. It doesn't make it healthier to "create a D-train" reaction of your bowels. If you find this is happening, limit your intake to just a few oz's and just a few times a week. Everything in moderation.

For those with the serious kombucha addiction:

You've been drinking it for a while and you're shocked to read that you only need 1-2 oz. a day and that 6 is the highest recommended amount! "What?!" You say, "But I drink like, a whole 14 oz. bottle on the days I do have kombucha!" If you're using it for fun (as a mix with your adult beverage or to replace pop) then as long as it feels fine for you that's great! However, our Experience Kombucha is traditionally prepared meaning proper fermentation length and no added probiotics, which means you may not need as much of it as the other guys'. It's all about how it feels for you, but as for drinking it therapeutically, low doses of therapeutic drinks are always better than over-doing it. (Just like alcohol.)

For all of you....

Keep enjoying kombucha, your gateway to healthier living & Holistic Nutrition - it's quite a trip!

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