7 Starter Steps for Success in Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition ROCKS. When you start to set your body up for success, you give it the tools to:

//Heal itself [The Body Heals the Body]

//Balance itself [Why Balance is one of my Foundational Nutrition Values]


//Give you more energy [Foods for Energy]

//Lose weight [Weight Loss Strategy]

Holistic Nutrition allows your body to heal itself deeply rather than just putting a band-aid on to cover up symptoms, we focus on all aspects of your life. Holistic Nutrition works to improve the root cause which is your digestion, your cells, your thoughts about your health - so that the whole of you is more nourished and strong. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ we want to know your work schedule, your energy levels, your family history, your habits, your hobbies, stress levels, exercise, favourite foods, allergies and more. That way, we can tailor our recommendations to suit your tastes and lifestyle. Because if it doesn’t fit, it won’t work. And I’m dedicated to success for my clients.

What we Do

Holistic Nutrition professionals can create a nutrition plan for you [3 Reasons a Nutrition Plan is key for Wellness] and some create individual daily/weekly meal plans for you, teach you to decode food labels for optimal food choices, and provide food shopping advice and information. In my 7 years in the industry, I specialize in coaching and giving the motivation/tools required to start and maintain putting your knowledge into practice. Most importantly, RHN’s encourage self-responsibility by empowering our clients with doors and windows (online education, books, etc) to personalized education and information. If you need something I am not REALLY, REALLY GOOD at, I gladly make referrals so you can get exactly what you need.

Holistic Nutritionists are conscientious and well informed about the connections between the environment, toxins, food production and preparation, and the resulting quality of food.

We recommend whole foods that are natural, alive and good quality which support sustainable farming practices and a healthy environment. We might also recommend high-quality natural source vitamins and minerals available from health food stores and give you the resources for this.  The use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly household and personal products is always recommended.

This all matters.

It connects dots and helps you puts the pieces of the puzzle together. It gives you food and nutrients to support your body and your current symptoms. Nutrition is an ever-changing science. It’s also an art. Read [Your Body as a Canvas] Your body and your nutrition are malleable. All the decisions you’ve made in the past have the potential to change. Holistic Nutrition brings together the science and the art behind food + lifestyle shifts while showing you how to change your body for the better.

Through Holistic Nutrition, you'll get do-able changes in the form of a plan that you can easily implement into your life, so you:

//Bring harmony back to your body

//Get a dose of change, responsibility, and a shift in attitude about your life

//Gain leadership in the grocery store & kitchen [How to get Nutrition Confidence]

//See the results you’ve been wanting, whether its improved energy, digestion or weight loss

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The 7 Big Starter Steps:

1. Start drinking more clean, filtered water and if you struggle to remember to drink water during the day, drink lots first thing in the morning. Clear urine means you’re hydrated but a general aim is 6-9 cups daily.

2. Try a health-giving herbal tea instead of sugary coffees, [Skip Starbucks: Make Your Own PSL] like chamomile lavender, dandelion root or peppermint.

3. Introduce self care to your life (quiet meditation time, baths, reading, learn the art of relaxing!) so that you get comfortable with the idea of making new choices to nourish & take care of yourself

4. Use clean self-care products and makeup [Where I Buy] to improve your skin health while also lowering your foot print on the environment. Improving your diet will clean up your skin big time, why not continue on that train?

5. Buy more vegetables and fruit and cook at home more rather than grabbing take-out [Why You Need This]


6. Get motivated with locals or friends who are inspiring and interested in traditional food practices [Join the Fermentation Facebook group!]

7. Taste Okanagan kombucha: the “gateway drug” to holistic nutrition & fermented foods [Get Local Kombucha]

These are great ways you can start setting your body up for success! Awareness is your key.

How do you feel? How would you rather feel? Food is a huge part of your overall wellness and a missing key for many who are doing great work but are still feeling tired or overweight. These small steps above can do wonders. Get it while you can.

You have this one body - take care of it! (Psssst, I can help you more easily turn on the switch to begin taking care of it better! Talk to me, babe.)

Now go forth and nourish.