Next-Gen Hippies & the Food Movement

Maybe this has been said before. But there is a growing movement. Are we carrying a flag?

We are young and engrossed in the oldest form of flattery: imitation. I'm so obsessed with the movement, I've created my business around getting people into it (because it not only benefits everyone, it just feels better to eat healthier!)

Here's why we're different, and what we're aiming for....

We're wearing tie-dye, playing with vegatarianism (or dedicating ourselves to full-on veganism,) putting on patchouli and voicing our opinions. We're in search of echo's from a movement we’ve never known but ache to be a part of ..... it’s easy to feel. As we grow in this current time and space on earth, we are becoming less in tune with the real world with our phone & internet time than time spent conscious in real life. We're on our phones in the market line up, elevators, at the gas station. We aren't present.


Chances when we would once have had to accept reality or speak to other humans can easily be removed. We no longer have to face that. This material world we’ve created is not real. And the food. We regularly swing through fast food places, eat micro-waved meals and have gas station food snacks. We eat food products and turn a blind eye to traditional foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Simple, real foods are a hassle, expensive, and too time consuming.

This is our reality. We are human’s-on-the-go. We have jobs, phone calls, pets, appointments, volunteering, cleaning, meetings, parents, lunches, children, obligations.

Consciousness Level Up

Eventually, we hit a wall. “There’s got to be more than this.” What about the obligation to our health and our bodies?

The growing popularity of friendly places such as the weekend’s farmer’s markets in towns everywhere, food classes and workshops, school gardens, clean holistic make up boutiques, yoga centers, mom and pop coffee shops are signs that we are actively looking for alternatives...

So the movement grows. In that begins the process: the thought something is no longer right here. "There has to be something else out there" and then we start educating ourselves.... either by ourselves or with others who are like-minded. Often it starts with our food and progresses from there. (Have you tasted the gateway to holistic nutrition yet?)

WHERE did this food come from? Is it real and if so, how was it grown? Was there love put into the soil and in the minds of the people picking it? How was this food prepared? Would my great-grandparents have eaten this? Would they recognize this as food?

Looking at our food first can begin a slow transition to taking that awareness to other parts of our life... our personal responsibility grows and we become better people, more aware. We start to get crunchy. Change our deodorant, become eco-aware, do yoga, meditate, buy less junk..... we are changing. We start to evolve.

Back to Nature

Brian Wilsons' Health Food Store Hollywood 1969

Brian Wilsons' Health Food Store Hollywood 1969

In the 1960's technology was king, and some people rejected that idea. We are still working on going back to nature. We have to “go backwards” to go forwards, go back to basics. By realizing that our bodies need the time, energy and depth put into food that our ancestors devoted, we recognize a gap that needs to be filled – our current system and conveniences aren’t providing the necessary health that should go hand-in-hand with food.

That gap is the reason for the movement. That gap is a sprouting seedling.

Are we carrying a flag? Could we part of something that one day pinpointed an idea in a space, a little sprout that grew into a culture-frenzy of change? Like how the 60's for many was the birth of consciousness—personal, social, and political (no matter how much effort the media made to morph hippies into a spacey cliché.) We question entrenched beliefs. Is our food movement continuing the work from that crunchy era? Like a shooting star that was here and gone—but while it was here, it lit up the planet.

Food is political. Every purchase and every bite is socio-political.

It can't not be. This means that every bite is our choice to be a part of a system, whether we like it or not. A system of social and cultural influences, of political influences. Big Brother runs our food......  we need that power back.

So what about our movement? Can we still "take this to the streets?"

Vote with your fork

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You cannot literally take something to the streets while sitting at your computer, or sending messages over a cell phone. If other countries’ can organize movements simply from typing something into their computer, and successfully reaching the masses - then us “choosing with our forks” is a bold, organic and literal statement.

Choosing with your fork is a catch-phrase meant to encourage choosing local, organic food.

It's just the natural way.

There’s something to be said about the connectivity of social media, that "utilitarian tool" we are all now connected on. We feel like it may be a powerful aid to our movement, but the harsh reality of it is, is that it is a cold and unfulfilling relationship that only occasionally gives back, that only gives us that quick dopamine hit we are addicted to. We get in a relationship with something unreal and we lose the big picture.

We lose the moments when we could be getting things done, when we could be taking it “to the streets,” (preparing or growing food) or learning, bettering ourselves, educating someone, making a change or impact. The impatient reality of it is, you’re always looking, always waiting for more information, scrolling, more pictures, more – more - more - more. We never fill that gap. This media relationship is never fulfilled or satisfied, it is just a distraction.

Higher Ground

The ego always “wants,” it is never satisfied with what IS. We are a generation of information-gatherers, no longer are we hunter-gatherers. We need to hit a common ground and harness this networking power and use it for better while keeping others; more basic parts of life more traditional - such as our food choices!

We are moving to that higher ground together.


Read, think..... share ideas with each other. We are lucky to have mediums to be able to do this from afar – we can talk about why we’re here, what our purpose is, our connection to nature or “Nature” as “God”, our food system, our government, problems and solutions, ideas, dreams, hopes.... ohhhhh and the potlucks.

“Life” - as we know it, and struggle, toy and strain to explain and define it. We talk about the world in the way that it really is – beautiful, magical, amazing. We are open and free to be emotional because that is real. We encourage each other to “keep doing your thing” and with a smile. We are all different, but we are different together – that is the beautiful connection.  Our lives become an expression of the desire to birth something different into the world, and bringing change if only just to our own table.

Humble Pie

We don’t make any 'grand scheme' claims about what is happening. We are simply taking what we’ve learned from the past and altering it, choosing relevant ideas and placing them carefully into our current system, into our reality. Just carefully putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Using what resources we’ve got in the world that we are dealing with.

We may feel like we have a thousand million Questions - but if we keep knocking on the door, I truly believe we will find the answers. It’s all happening!