Beauty Kombucha for Healthy Skin

As a Holistic Nutrition professional, embracing our symptoms holistically requires a different approach. It requires us to look deeper inward and to look for the root cause. This is the reason I was attracted to the style of consultation and make-up application at the Green Vanity. It is not about covering up problems, it is about finding the root cause.

In my profession I see all kinds of issues along the path. Meeting and working with clients dealing with IBS to acid reflux, weight issues, inflammatory conditions, anxiety and so much more, we have to take a look at the root cause of issues that have been chronic, because what they have been doing (or not doing) isn't working.

I have found that what brings my clients' success is the introduction of not only stress management techniques, digestive education along with more whole foods but also living, raw foods that are fermented. Known as lacto-fermentation, fermented foods are raw foods that contain living bacteria that are healthy for our gut.

Health Benefits of Kombucha


Fermented products contain beneficial probiotics rich in active, organic acids and enzymes that help a healthy liver detoxify. Foods with probiotics are supportive of our digestion, immune health and clients have reports of energy levels rising!

The fact is, when our digestive functions increase, our overall wellness increases too. This is because the gut is the center of our being - we house our nutrients there to be broken down and absorbed and used, and we even house our emotions there, hence the sayings "what is your gut feeling?" or "have you got the guts?" If we didn't have our stomach and intestines we wouldn't be able to survive. We need them strong so we can have our food properly broken down and used to keep our body functioning. Fermented foods help break down foods in the stomach as well as get probiotics (healthy bacteria) into the gut, which is now tied with digestive health, skin health, mental health and our immunity. (We know at least 60-70% of our immunity cells start in the gut!)

Enter the most beautiful sparkling fermented food there is!

We hand-craft the Okanagan's original kombucha: exquisite local, organic kombucha.... because we put so much love into our craft, every ingredient is carefully sourced, every batch is brewed using the finest quality ingredients we can find. In working with The Green Vanity, we knew a sparkling tonic that included specific ingredients to aid glowing skin would be a fabulous addition to any holistic skin care regime! We also wanted to include a food from our beautiful locality, the Okanagan... and so it was born.

Exclusive Blend

The Green Vanity will be carrying this exclusive blend as of October 2016. Long anticipated! This partnership (The Green Vanity & Lutz Nutrition) is holistic. The connection between a healthy gut and healthy skin is no longer a secret, ESPECIALLY at The Green Vanity. They get pretty real when it’s time to talk about what’s going on with digestion, skin health and nutrition.  With their commitment to offer holistic support, a plan was needed to address concerns of this magnitude. Their clients needed a professional who can provide guidance on this topic, but also a quality product to strengthen this gut-skin connection. For 4 and a half months we worked together on a plan to bring the beauty and health world together like never before.

This was the inspiration behind a very special hybrid tonic that is a meeting of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Fermented Tea (Kombucha).

We call it "Beauty Berry 'Booch."

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The beauty berry kombucha uses a special blend of 2 natural ingredients that were chosen to increasing antioxidant activity, aiding our skin health and regeneration. Cherries are one of the highest antioxidant-containing fruits and offer therapeutic benefits to you with their health-promoting compounds. They also help reduce inflammation and contain fiber, vitamin C and carotenoids. We use local Okanagan cherry juice because we support local agriculture as much as possible.

Schizandra berry is our other special addition to the Beauty Berry 'Booch, these powerful berries are reported give us more energy, better digestion and skin that’s resilient to the signs of aging. Schizandra and its' healing properties have been utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. Because schisandra helps nurture the adrenal glands and turns down an overproduction of “stress hormones” like cortisol, it’s also linked with better mental capabilities, physical endurance and metabolic health. 

Schizandra is most well-known for boosting liver function which is an essential part of skin health. Combine this powerful berry with our natural fermentation process, probiotic mother culture and delightful end product makes this truly an enticing Experience to add to your meal time ritual while supporting your clean, holistic skin care routine.

(CAUTION: Schizandra berries are not recommended for those who have GERD, epilepsy, peptic ulcers or intracranial pressure. Do not take Schizandra if you are pregnant or nursing.)

You can find our special skin-supportive kombucha blend at The Green Vanity downtown Kelowna BC.

P.S.  We truly care about our carbon footprint – please return your used and rinsed glass bottles to The Green Vanity so we can sanitize & reduce, re-use!