How I Got Happy & Lost 40 Lbs [and the Cycle You Need to Understand]

No Nutritionist wants to tell this story, but in my dedication to honesty and transparency in my business: here it is.

At 28 years of age I was classified as obese. I suddenly found myself standing on the scale with the number 184 lbs staring back at me. For someone of my height, that is overweight. “Clinically”, I was considered obese. (Although I didn’t feel great I also didn’t feel obese - another reason the BMI is misleading and outdated, just like scales being an ideal way to track how you feel in your body.)

an “after” photo if you will… also, you should  listen to our podcast Just Shut Up & Listen.

an “after” photo if you will… also, you should listen to our podcast Just Shut Up & Listen.

Now, I hate the scale. I tell clients to throw theirs out all the time. But when I got on this one, just this one day, “just to see” after having not looked for years… well, I’ll just say it came as a bit of a shock.

Okay, a huge shock.

Not only was I in complete shock (for weeks) about what had happened to my body, as a nutritionist, I was ashamed and embarrassed. Here I was, acting as a supposed role model for wellness and holistic living and I found myself wearing one of my health problems on my sleeve for all to see.

I didn’t realize how bad it was until it was put right in my face.

At first I felt powerless to change things. Not only could I hardly deal with the level of shame I was dealing with, it felt even more confusing and embarrassing because I thought I was already doing everything right, nutritionally speaking. I mean I already ate pretty good, a whole foods diet and didn’t binge on sugar all the time - what more could I do? Since I had been eating a balanced whole foods diet for years I couldn’t really figure out why it was now contributing to me getting overweight. The layer of shame and guilt about it happening to me became another layer of contempt.

Then I realized that the food wasn’t really contributing that much. Sure, I ate take out. But I wasn’t getting distracted by work and not eating much, then overeating, was I?

I was.

Even though it was good food, I wasn’t making well-timed decisions and I wasn’t respecting my bodies’ signals at all.

I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I wasn’t happy. I was embarrassed. I felt awkward.

I knew I was stressed. I knew I was unhappy. I knew there was a lot of holes in my life experience, and I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about digging those holes open.

But I knew one key thing. I knew that dieting wasn’t the answer. Been there done that: before I started studying Holistic Nutrition. (In fact my first diet was at the ripe age of 8, where I didn’t eat all day so that I could eat pizza at my friends’ birthday. Worst idea ever.) But still, I didn’t have the exact answer - thankfully though - I did figure it out. It was way less complicated than anyone could ever imagine. From now on, I thought, I’m going to love myself so hard there’s no way my body can stay at an unhealthy weight.

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I got happy.


When I tell people that, as they comment on my new body, I love their reactions. Some laugh. Some are curious. Some are uncomfortable. It’s hard to understand I guess, so here I’ll explain.

I lost 40 pounds over the course of a year. (I help others do the same. [Your Turn.])

Here’s the simple cycle:

//Weight loss is a symptom

//Symptoms can be balanced using relaxation techniques and nourishing nutrition

//Relaxation and happiness incredibly increases digestive powers

//Better digestion = more absorbing of nutrients

//More nutrients = more nourishment

//More nourishment + relaxation + happiness = balanced symptoms

//End game: Easy Weight Loss

When our digestive system is functioning at its best, we begin to heal our symptoms. Excess weight is not a burden or a pain or an embarrassment, but a symptom.

Stress has major effects that can keep you from your weight loss goals. It affects your digestion and gut health. , inflammation and the immune system. Stress can cause cravings, increased appetite, and “stress eating.” It can promote fat storage around the waist with its effect on insulin sensitivity. Stress can be mood-busting and demotivating, not to mention how it worsens sleep. As in Holistic Nutrition, we have to look at the whole picture, so when working with clients I am going to ask questions that aren't seemingly connected to your weight: now you'll know why. Our stress and sleep and cravings all have to do with our weight. [Read: Lose Weight with Stress Relief: The Best Way to Drop Lbs]

If we see our excess weight as a burden, we add stress to our load - because now we have stress about our weight on top of our regular stress. All of these effects can keep you from your weight loss goals. You'll benefit from trying some of the many ways to deal with stress, but also try to reduce some of the causes of stress in your life.

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Success came when I loved my body, and I loved it through the whole process. I never turned my back on my body, I never strained it and forced it into doing what I thought it should, or guilted it for not looking the way I believed it should. I never AGONIZED over the pain of morphing of my body into a different shape.

And then… it all changed. It morphed on its own.

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What’s needed in the weight loss arena?

It’s not just about the food.

A holistic approach to weight loss is required, one based on human physiology, tailored nutritional & lifestyle requirements, psychology, spirituality, self love and consciousness, not a fad or ‘method’. Everyone knows those fad diets don’t work.

A holistic approach where we learn to love ourselves first. (You aren’t going to FALL IN LOVE with your body right away. Start with liking certain parts and it grows from there. This is incredibly powerful.)

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The Un-Diet.

Where we shift our focus and intention from dieting to nourishment. Constantly practicing ‘nourishment’ and “consciousness over calories” is key.

Where we shift our view from hating our body into submission, but loving it into evolution. (You can’t ‘hate’ something into change. Especially your body. You have to love it. Then it’ll morph.) [Read: Evolution of Seven: 7 Ways to Solve Your Problems]

It starts with love.

It’s all about the love, baby!

(Need some lovin’? I help women overwhelmed by it all. Book your free 20 minute Nutritional Realignment with me and let’s chat.)