7 Ways to a Happy Earth Day

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I’m sharing 7 easy ways to celebrate this planet that gives us so much. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I have passion for the earth and all its inhabitants, so it’s easy to share how we can all make small choices that add up to big change. We all deserve clean food from healthy, happy soil and clean water-ways with less single-use plastic.

As a Holistic Nutrition coach who’s been called a “psychedelic social worker” I have to admit my obsession with love, happiness, beauty, plants, peace and love often get questioned.

Earth Day is a BIG questioning day. This day is all about balance, while we shower our earth with appreciation and love, we’re also opening up conversation about hard topics like the dark and toxic side of our modern, industrial life to drive points home about what we could all be doing so much more of.

The first Earth Day formed when we recognized back in the 1960’s that we were pursuing a self-destructive course of fueling our economies’ by degrading and depleting our resources. While a win for the income side of the ledger, it’s simply not a sustainable situation over the long term.

It’s easy being green, it’s just a matter of making one simple change at a time. These small lifestyle changes save you money, too.


Here are 7 ways we do it:

✓Using re-usable mugs and to-go containers when possible (like our friends at The Green Vanity & One Big Table are passionate about, too!)

✓Using a strategically labelled "Eat Me First" crisper in your refrigerator to avoid fresh food going bad - this WORKS

✓ Save leftovers for the next day (40% of food in N. America gets thrown away.) 40% of greenhouse gases (released by agriculture and food) simply doesn’t have to exist. Most of it takes place in supermarkets and restaurants: save money by only buying what you need (think two carrots instead of a bag), saving or freezing leftovers, and repurposing scraps. Read more about this one, here.

✓ Opt for re-useable water bottles. Just one google of “water bottles in ocean” will have you clamoring to own your own water bottle.

✓ No brainer - don't litter. Always bring back out what you take in. Use garbage cans  + recycling bins wherever you go. It's not hard - you just have to think about it.

✓ Turn off lights in unused rooms. Another no brainer that we often don't think about - using electricity in rooms that don't need it. Turn 'em off!

✓ Check out the 'expired' bin in grocery stores. These are foods that are still (usually) good to eat but the store manager has decided to discount. It's always worth a look. You can learn more about earth-loving grocery shopping tools here.

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In 1970 the first Earth Day began.
There is a powerful photo of a man wearing a gas mask and holding a daisy while standing by his bike.
To me it's always been a powerful image that I could never get out of my head.
...especially as Earth Day approaches this weekend.
So ... we recreated it in honour of those who founded Earth Day.
How can we open conversation about what we are doing to help the planet?
Little changes do make a difference.


It doesn’t have to be a big complicated deal to be a better environmentalist and what we lack in the big picture we can make up for when together we make small movements in support of our beautiful planet. 

While peace, happiness and love often get questioned, Earth Day is our chance to question ourselves and to come together for community conversations on how to do it better.

[MORE conversations on how to do it better.]

Need coaching on making your nutrition better? It isn’t so hard to eat cleaner & greener (plus, you benefit!)

Explore your options here, Earth Lover.