Consciousness over Calories

Consciousness over calories IS the mother of all diets. When we think of diets we think of short term to lose weight. We think of the next fad we can try ... maybe THIS ONE will be THE ONE that actually helps me!

If you have been caught in that trap, you're not alone.

But just because it's common, doesn't mean it's good. That doesn't mean its normal, or healthy.

It's my mission to change this diet-obsessed mentality. To change your perspective and to have everyone understand that there is no one-size-fits-all diet and there never will be. You can stop searching.

Here's a new one.

But it's not a diet - it's a lifestyle.


[If you want to work with a nutritionist to get off the diet train, I'd love to be your coach.]

Consciousness over Calories is the mother of all diets and it works because it requires you to take more responsibility than just thinking about 'calories in-calories out' - it requires a new consciousness, paying attention, tuning in to your body, your needs, your cravings, your habits. How does this food make me feel? How do these drinks make me feel? How are my choices impacting my body and mental health? What would feel better than this? What choice could I have made differently if I didn't like that one? 

In my 7 years of consulting, I can say definitively that this system works rather than any diet, label or box you can stick yourself, grasping desperately at straws.

Eating intuitively means tuning into your bodies' needs. Maybe you've been craving broccoli but haven't noticed because it wasn't a typical craving like chips or chocolate. Maybe you've been vegetarian for years but now you're body is crying for steak (it happened to me!)

Listening to your body gives you the perfect "un-diet" as you will be able to tune into cravings and learn better WHY you want certain foods. The more you learn, the easier it is to make better choices based on feeling good (because good healthy food feels good) instead of 'having to' make healthy choices.

The switch from 'having to' make healthy choices (feels drab, no?) to "I get to make this good choice now to nourish my body" is a gigantic shift in the way you perceive food.

The dark side. 'Cuz it can't be all sunshine and gravy. Some will argue: "But if we are always listening to our body, it's like we are tied to our body, like a prisoner or a slave to its' demands."

Pro Insight: You're already tied to your body.  :) 

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But if you aren't tied to your body, who is then in control?

The marketers? The bill boards? The magazines. The TV commercials. The corporations.

I know that I'd rather allow my body to be in control than the system. 

What about you?